SalesFlare is a CRM which is fully focussed on SMB companies. The zero input pipeline will help you to focus on getting the deal, not the admin.

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Up and downsides


+ Easy interface and ready to use

+ Quick and responsive support

+ Better pricing than competitor CRM systems


- Not too many native integrations (can be fixed with Zapier)

- No others reported yet, let us know


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Salesflare product information

Salesflare is a CRM focussed on startups & small businesses. With their zero-input sales pipeline they want to have their system working for their clients, instead of the other way around. It will enrich your client data automatically which avoids your sales people to spend their time on manually adding data all the time.

Salesflare will give you all the information you need to know about your client, it will take the data from your calendar, phone, company databases and much more. It will allow you to focus on having client interactions so you can grow your business.

Input less data, make more sales

SalesFlare will automate the administration for you. It will automatically add information like email, Linkedin profiles, phone numbers from the available data (email signature, social profiles and more.). Reduce your time spent on data entry by 70%.

How often do you forget to log a phone call with a client? Salesflare will log it automatically for you.

Stay on top of your opportunities

See all your opportunities in one smart overview. See exactly who needs attention, based on the engagement of your prospects: Salesflare will keep you updated on email opens, website visits, pages viewed in real time. This allows you to follow up in time, plus with the right message.

Collaborate on customer conversations

Share an account quickly and start working on it together from your email inbox (such as Gmail or Outlook). Word of Mouth is becoming more important now a days, see exactly within Salesflare if a colleague has a connection within a company.

Integrate your salestool stack

Salesflare has their own API which you can use to connect with any other software. If you don't have any development inhouse you can also make use of their Zapier integration, this allows you to connect SalesFlare with any other sales tool you are using.

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