A great all in one marketing platform for when you want to get started with marketing. Offers a lot more than the well-known newsletter functionality.

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Tool FAQ

What is MailChimp?

Who uses MailChimp?

MailChimp is mainly aimed towards smaller and midsized businesses such as online marketing agencies or starting brands, but because of its ease of use and the big range of tools that offers it has become in one of the most trusted platforms in the market, with around 20 million users.

Is MailChimp free?

MailChimp counts with a Free plan which is ideal for new brands that are just starting in the world of mail marketing. This platform also offers other three plans that are the Essentials, that is $ 9.99 per month, the Standard that is $14.99 per month and the Premium one, which costs $ 299.00 per month.

What is MailChimp used for?

This platform supports brands to automate their email marketing campaigns by providing all the tools that a marketer may need to work faster and easier, email marketing is a really effective way for brands and businesses to promote their services and engage with customers at the same time.

How does MailChimp works?

MailChimp offers a wide catalogue of tools to help brands with their email marketing campaigns, some of the most helpful and used ones are Email Automations, that allows to send automated emails in an easier way, Date-based Automations, that helps with the personalization of emails and Real-time Analytics, that helps monitor trends, campaigns performance, etc.

What are some alternatives to MailChimp?

Some of the most relevant ones would probably be ActiveCampaign, EngageBay, FreshMarketer, Autopilot and Hubspot.

Mailchimp Features

Mailchimp is one of the most recognizable names in email marketing. Founded in 2001, the all-in-one marketing platform offers a wide range of email tools to boost engagement and conversions.

Trusted by AdHoc, UrbanSitter, Frankie & Myrrh, World Arts West and other well-known brands, Mailchimp has three stand-out email features.

Email Automations

Mailchimp makes it easy to send automated emails. Send just the right messages at just the right time.

Automated emails are triggered by:

Pro tip: read our blog on drip marketing campaigns

Mailchimp offers:

Date-based Automations

Send personalized emails on important days, like birthdays and sign-up anniversaries. Just choose a date, customize your email and start sending.

Emails can be personalized to improve engagement. You can also use this opportunity to recommend products to customers, or even send promo codes to encourage shopping.

Welcome Automations

With email automation, you can send welcome messages to new subscribers automatically. These personalized emails introduce your brand and give you a chance to tell your story.

These emails can include important and personalized details, like where the prospect signed up for your list, to keep them engaged.

Mailchimp gives you the option of sending a single welcome email or a series of emails that tell a bigger story. Include promo codes to new subscribers and turn prospects into customers.

To get started:

Emails can be designed using the drag-and-drop designer built into the Mailchimp platform. Professional layouts help you make a good impression with your emails.

Behavior-based Automations for Apps

Send relevant messages based on how your contacts are interacting with your brand’s app. Leverage Mailchimp’s API to pinpoint behavioral data that is important to your brand and import that data into Mailchimp.

With behavior-based automations, you can:

Behavior-based emails allow you to reach out to customers at opportune moments to improve conversion rates. Automation makes it possible to send emails at just the right moment. Catching prospects at these important times would be nearly impossible with manual emailing.


With RSS-to-email, your subscribers and readers will never miss your new content. Mailchimp’s automation features allow you to:

Mailchimp makes it easy to turn your blog posts into engaging emails. Every time you publish new content, readers and subscribers will be alerted and can easily navigate to your post. This drives more traffic to your site and puts your brand at the top of your prospects’ inboxes.

The RSS-to-email conversion is done automatically for you. All you have to do is design a template for your email updates.

Real-Time Analytics

View data in real-time, so you can make informed business decisions. Monitor trends, create better campaigns, and track campaign performance. With Mailchimp, you can access email data in one central place.

With real-time analytics, you can:

All of your real-time data can be quickly and easily accessed through the Mailchimp mobile app.

Transactional Emails

Mailchimp’s transactional emails allow you to engage with customers at just the right time using SMTP or API.

Mailchimp offers:

Send order confirmation emails automatically and ensure that these messages land in your customers’ inboxes – not their spam folders.

Mailchimp offers a free basic account to help you get started. Three tiers of plans are available to help businesses of all sizes and budgets take advantage of their robust platform.

Pro tip: Read this blog so you always hit the inbox with your transactional emails.

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