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What is a CRM?

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management, this is a technology where you can manage all your client and prospect interactions. Using a CRM will help a company to grow sales and improve customer service. It will be used by a lot of different departments like; sales, marketing, customer service and finance. Having a good CRM strategy and logging basically everything is crucial to make sure everyone knows exactly what is going on. It will help marketing, for example, to identify all the touch points during the customer journey, which they can use again to optimize or automate certain workflows. For us the question should never be; "Should we use a CRM" but rather

What is the best CRM system?

Easy question, hard answer. As every organisation is different in type and size you need to define what do you find important and what you would like to achieve. We have dedicated one of our blog posts to dig more into this topic. See it here. In short you will need to:

  • Define the features you are looking for
  • Find out which integrations you need
  • Define easy of use and support

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