Spend more time on things that matter! It's very easy to get distracted or spend time on something which won't help you to reach your goals or target.

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Become more productive

Everyone wants to become more productive to spend time on things that matter. As a marketer or salesperson you are often faced with a lot of repetitive tasks. You can easily automate these repetitive tasks which will help you to become more productive, plus will help you to reach your targets. Being productive is in short; what has been your output in a certain timeframe. If you are able to get more done in the timeframe you are already doing good, don't expect the tools to take over all or you work.

Get more organised

Either you are in marketing or sales you are often doing a lot of tasks at once. To make sure you keep yourself organised and have you focus on your goals, there are certain tools you can use. Think of digital to do lists, timetracking software, writing software and a lot more. Our favourite tools to get more organized are:

Productivity boost tools

How can you boost your productivity by using tools? You are able to boost your productivity the most if you are able to automate repetitive tasks or have a tool do the heavy lifting for you. See below our favourite tools which will help you as marketer or salesperson to boost your productivity. We have split them up in the two different departments.

Sales :



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