Only 3% leaves their details or gets in contact with you, Leadfeeder shows you which company has visited your site and pushes them in your CRM.

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Up and downsides


+ Free Version + free trial with data being backloaded

+ Great support for when there are any questions

+ Integrations with the bigger CRM's and Zapier


- Can be a bit overwhelming when starting and having lots of traffic

- You will need sales people to follow up on the leads


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Product Description Leadfeeder

Turn your existing unknown website visitors into business Leads with Leadfeeder. When connecting Leadfeeder to Google Analytics they are able to turn historic website visitor numbers into real companies, where that company has been and much more. Due to changes at Google Analytics you will need to install a script (takes 5min) to see future website visitors.

Basically it is lead generation without getting extra traffic to the website (if you already have a lot). Using the filtering you can easily filter the data based on whatever you find important like country, customer journey or the companies who didn't downloaded your whitepaper. When you have created your own filter you can automatically send it over to the right sales person or directly into your CRM system.

Leadfeeder wants to fit into your current sales process with their integrations. You can easily send the leads over to your CRM system via their native integrations and if they don't have yours, via Zapier.

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