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Tool FAQ

What is Google Analytics?

What is Google Analytics used for?

Google Analytics is used to analyze the condition of a website, through the study of the sessions and the reports generated from them. Thanks to these reports it is possible to know if the content offered is important or not for the public. Thanks to these reports it is also possible make decisions and actions to improve the marketing strategy.

What are the plans and costs of Google Analytics?

Google Analytics has two versions: the free version (Google Analytics) and the paid option (Google Analytics 360), which is usually divided and charged monthly. While Google Analytics is totally free, you should contact Google directly to know the cost of Google Analytics 360. Obviously the paid version offers more options and advantages.

What are the main metrics of Google Analytics?

Session: period of interaction of a user with a website during a period of time. Unique Visitors: the unique number of non-duplicate users. Page views: total visits made by a user on a website. Bounce Rate: this is the percentage of single page sessions.

How does Google Analytics work?

The data and information collected from users through cookies (pieces of javascript code that make it possible to monitor and obtain data on user activity within a website) is grouped by Google Analytics and displayed through reports for the taking of decisions.

What does Google Analytics 4 (GA4) mean?

Google Analytics 4 (formerly known as Google Analytics App+Web) is the new version of Google Analytics, a new type of analytics property, with new reports and different capabilities that improve the tool. As a novelty, it can be used on websites, applications or both. According to Google, they are the future of Analytics.

What is Google Analytics?

What is the Google Analytics 4 property?

The Google Analytics 4 property (formerly; "App + Web") is their new property that allows you to get deeper insights as you can use the same property for your website, app, or for them together. It is now the new default property when you get started with Google Analtyics.

How do I create a Google Analytics 4 property?

When you create a New Property the Google Analytics 4 property is the default. 1. Click Admin (left lower corner), 2. Click "Create Property" in the property column, 3. Follow the setup steps (default is already G4).

How do I know if Google Analytics is working?

When you installed the tracker you should see data coming in within the "Realtime" tab when you go to your website. You can also go to; admin > property > "data streams" to see if it is receiving any data.

Where do I need to place the Google Analytics code?

The recommendation of Google is to place the code in the HEADER SECTION ( <head>) of the website. You can do this in the code of your website, via Google Tag Manager or a WordPress plugin.

Is Google Analytics Free?

Yes, Google Analytics can be used free when you don't need their advanced features. The standard version for Google Analytics is free (which most businesses use), they also offer a more premium version; Google Analytics 360 which is their paid version.

Google Analytics Features

If you run a business for which you have a digital marketing campaign, Google Analytics is a must. It’s not just a platform you should be considering – it is one you need if you want to know exactly what is going on with your site. It is no secret that Google is the pre-eminent search engine – indeed, it towers above all the others from a colossal height – and Google Analytics is aligned with that search engine.

There are many reasons why you need what is perhaps the best data analysis tool available. The first is that you need to keep up with how Google views your website, and another is that Google Analytics is free. You can’t lose by using it, and most of its functions are performed automatically. Some of the features you will already be familiar with, but there are others that you may not be.

What can you gain from using Google Analytics? There are many reasons you need to install this software and start using it right now, so let’s have a look at some of the more interesting.

Automated Data Collection

Once you have Google Analytics installed, you can begin collecting the data you need about visitors and website performance. All that is required is that you copy a line of code to your website. Google Analytics then collects the data you want and sends it – automatically – to either Google Docs, Spreadsheets or Sites, whichever is relevant to you. This information is accessible instantly so you can start your analysis right away.

Customized Reporting

The sheer versatility of Google Analytics is what makes it appeal to many different types of users. You can choose to build your reports by many different metrics, and design them so they tell you want you want to know. This is easy to do once you have completed a few and got to know the navigation. Detailed reports can be used to analyse customer behaviour, click through rate, and many more complex details.

Internal Site Search

By creating a customized search feature you can see what visitors are searching for in your website. Google Analytics makes this possible by providing you with accurate information when you request it. The advantage of this function is that you can see where your site is performing well and perhaps where it is not and needs work. You may also see that people are searching for items or services that you do not currently prioritize, so you could be getting a greater ROI in places you are leaving alone. This function is simply essential for any business that needs to prioritize a marketing budget.

Bounce Rate

Why are visitors coming to your site and not purchasing anything? There could be many reasons – pages that are simply not interesting or informative, products they are looking for but can’t find, or difficulty navigating to where they want to be. Modern consumers want to be in the right place quickly, or they will go somewhere else. By analysing your bounce rate by page, you can see where you are losing custom and decide how to tackle it, perhaps by creating more attractive landing pages or changing the optimisation of your site.

Consumer Analysis

One of the most useful of all the tools that Google Analytics is equipped with is that which tells you information about who is visiting certain parts of your site. This information includes age and location, gender, any interests that may have driven them to you, whether they found you on a desktop or by smartphone – and even the type of phone they use – and more. This is information that can be invaluable when targeting specific audiences, and Google Analytics gathers it all together for you.

This feature also allows you to determine whether they approached you via a social media platform. This is useful in order to discover which ones are performing for you in terms of ads and content, and which might need work. Being able to see where to concentrate your efforts is a major boost to your marketing performance.


There is much more to Google Analytics than the features listed above – it can also give you details of how your content is performing in terms of who is reading what on blogs and websites, for example – and it really is a comprehensive digital marketing tool. If you’re not using Google Analytics now you really need to be. It’s free, it’s very powerful and it is surprisingly easy to use, and you have all the information you need in one place.

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