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We gather the best tools for B2B Lead generation which will help you to generate leads against fewer efforts, sometimes even no effort.

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What is B2B Lead generation?

B2B Lead Generation is collecting potential customer information; the collected data can be as broad as you want it to be. As every company has a different definition of a B2B lead, we are unable to say what that the lead information should contain. There is one thing which should always be the case; the lead should have an interest in your kind of product or service, which allows them to enter the sales funnel. 

As mentioned, the information you collect on a lead can be very broad; hence a B2B lead can be; a company or a person within a company with very detailed information attached to him or her. Enriching leads is, therefore, something which you will see as well in either this category or within the Growth Hacking tools

Why should you be doing B2B Lead generation? 

In short; to grow your business. Generating leads will help you to fill up your sales pipeline, which in the end should help you to close more deals. 

  • Fill your marketing & sales pipeline 
  • Create more opportunities for Sales (SQL's)
  • Grow your revenue & business

As every organization generates leads in different ways, it also means they are landing in various stages of the buying cycle. You can generate leads to 'fill your top of funnel' which allow marketing to nurture them or you want directly have sales follow up on them by generating SQL's. 

Top of Funnel

When you are generating top of funnel leads, it means you want to gather as much as possible to start nurturing them. A great way to nurture them and filter them further is using marketing automation; you can guide your leads through specific workflows to determine which ones are going to be ready for sales to get in touch. These kinds of leads can be called MQL's, which means Marketing Qualified Leads. 

Generating SQL's 

The meaning of SQL is; Sales Qualified Leads. See more marketing terms here. A SQL means that lead is 'ready' to talk to sales, again this means something else in every organization, but ideally you will have enough company & personal information to start a conversation with ICP. 

What is a b2B lead generation strategy? 

Generating leads will always be part of your overall B2B marketing strategy, as a lot of the marketing is done to generate leads or acquire more customers. In short, your b2b lead generation strategy will contain;

  • Defining Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  • Definition of a lead + required information
  • Channels you are going to use
  • Tools you are going to use
  • Your budget 
  • Your goals

When you have defined your ICP, it is time to determine what you would like to receive. For a Qualified Marketing Lead (MQL), you don't need as much information when you are looking for Sales Qualified Leads (SQL). In your lead generation strategy, you will also talk about the lead nurturing process, which forces you to think about what kind of information you would need to do proper follow-ups. It can also be that you want to enrich your lead information when you start to nurture them, this means they can begin as an MQL, but with enriched details, they turn into an SQL. Especially when you are a Growth Hacker, it doesn't stop at generating leads. You will be responsible for the entire funnel, which means also converting leads to paying customers. Learn more about Growth Hacking or see the most popular or Growth Hacking Tools

Below you will send tools which can help you to generate b2b leads, a lot of them offer solutions which are based on your website traffic. Make sure you check out our blog to find out ways to increase your B2B website traffic to reach your goals. 

How to generate b2b leads

  • Identify website visitors  

The general rule of thumb is that only 3% leaves their details on your website, via one of the below options listed here. That means that 97% doesn't do anything and leaves your site without knowing who they are.  There are tools like Leadfeeder, which can show you which company has visited your website and its source. Combining source & company data also allows you to spend your marketing budget a lot better or measure the ROI better. 

  • Landingpages 

When running ads, you want to get the most out of your budget and get as many leads as possible. A great way to generate more leads is using landing pages for the different campaigns you are running. With a tool like Unbounce you can quickly create landing pages. When you are running your business on the lean startup way, this is a great way to validate your idea(s). 

  • Chat 

Pro-actively reach out to people with specific behaviour and get them to talk to you via chat. Offering a chat function and pop-ups will allow you to help people when they have questions or guide them directly to the right person within your organization. Depending on your service level you can have a fully automated or manual way to respond to chats. It is also possible to qualify leads before they get to talk to a person. FreshChat & Intercom are examples of chat programs you can use. 

  • Linkedin Messaging

Sending potential prospects a connection request plus message can drive up your top of funnel leads. It can be a very manual and time-consuming process; there are ways of automating your LinkedIn messages. Growth Hacking tools like Dux-Soup or GrowthLead can help you with this. Be aware that this can cause Linkedin to block your account. 

Another legal way to send out messages with precise search terms is to start using Linkedin Sales Navigator. Linkedin now also offers promoted messages in their platform, which deletes the need to invite a person as a connection. See here also our blog on how to use Linkedin as a Sales Person.

  • Running Webinars

Sharing your knowledge is always a good idea, next to that to prospects can start seeing you as a thought leader, it is also a great way to generate leads. When you run a webinar, people will have to leave at least their email to sign up for it, this means you can add them to your top of funnel leads. The general rule of thumb; the more specified your webinar is, the more qualified your leads are. Running a webinar on B2B Lead generation will get a lot more registrants compared to B2B Lead generation within Accounting. A tool you can use is Livestorm.

  • Buying B2B leads 

Besides the above examples where the amount of leads depends on your current traffic or network, there are also options generate leads which don't apply to either option. Buying leads will fit into to 'top of funnel' leads; however, with the right information, they can be ready to go for the outbound sales department. Examples of tools you could use are Vainu & BuiltWith.


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