Google Data Studio

Google's FREE reporting solution gives you the ability to easily visualise data from the various tools you have, using simple API integrations.

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+ Free, no matter how many connections you do
+ Works with a lot of the tools you are already using
+ Easy and quick way to run reports on your data


- Limited availability of connectors
- You will need analytic skills if you aren't using the templates


Screenshot on how an ecommerce paid marketing dashboard could look like within Google Data Studio
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Tool FAQ

What is Google Data Studio?

What can be done with Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio offers a variety of customization options for creating reports. It allows you to import data from multiple Google products or other data sources and reports and dashboards can be easily created and configured for better project analysis and decision making.

What are the advantages of Google Data Studio?

It is free, offers complete customization and design, has unlimited data and report pages, offers custom filters and fields, multiple data sources can be used, notes and comments can be added to improve reports, offers the ability to share and download reports in PDF, and it is intuitive and easy to learn.

Who is Google Data Studio designed for?

The tool is aimed mainly at business analysts, users who work with numbers with certain technical knowledge, people who understand the business world, the language of data and require a tool to group, organize and present attractive reports to interested parties.

What are the functionalities of Google Data Studio?

Real-time analysis, visual analysis, drag and drop, search / filter, data connectors, diagram creation, real-time reporting, statistics and reporting, customizable branding, communication dashboard creation, communication tools collaboration, customizable reports, customizable models, communications dashboard, multiple data sources, and data visualization.

Is Google Data Studio free?

Yes, Google Data Studio is free to use. There are no charges of any kind for the use of the tool and the native connectors such as Google Sheets or Google Analytics, regardless of the size of the company. However, when using connectors to obtain data from third parties such as Linkedin or Facebook, there are additional costs involved.

Data Studio Features

Google Data Studio is an integrated dashboard and metrics analysis and reporting tool that may just be what your business needs. In tune with the requirements of the digital age customer, this clever and well-designed tool is favoured by those who use Google Analytics as it integrates very easily (as it does with many other platforms) and because it comes from Google.

In the age we are in, the consumer needs to know that they’re being treated as number 1, and they want to enjoy a consumer journey that will engage and satisfy them. Used to social media, customers expect interaction and attention, and with tools such as Data Studio you can give them what they want.

Data Studio is designed to bring together information on your website, app and ads and tell you how they are performing, and to provide information in an easy to read and informative way that everyone can understand. Let’s talk about how it can help you, then look at some of the features.

How Data Studio Works

If you are familiar with Google Analytics then you will pick up Data Studio quickly, as it is designed to work in conjunction with the former. It is designed similarly, too, but what you will notice is there is much more information available to work with.

Some users may be put off by the fact it is clearly Google-oriented, but that should not be taken as a bad thing as it does make some actions a lot easier to handle and process. Let’s talk about some of the features of Data Studio.

Dashboard Customization

In terms of dashboard tailoring, Data Studio takes things further than Google Analytics, while using a similar format. You can design dashboards for many uses and there are fewer limitations than with the sister product.

For example, with Analytics you can use up to 12 widgets for your dashboard and can only view the data in the view that the dashboard is presently. With Data Studio you can use as many widgets as you wish, ad as many pages to the report as you need, and connect your data with multiple Google Analytics accounts for greater flexibility and reporting accuracy. This sort of broad access is what the modern business needs.

Live Data Connection

With many such tools, there is a requirement to physically connect with the data source you want to use to refresh the data. With Data Studio, several major platforms are connected live via built-in connectors, which means information is being updated all the time and your information is always accurate in real time. However, you need to be aware which platforms these are, so here’s a list:

As can be seen the list is heavily Google oriented, but these are all useful data sources for getting to grips with how your website and ads are performing in Google’s eyes, which is of course the main aim of analysing website and search performance.

Custom Metrics and Dynamic Controls

You can choose your own formulas for metrics and insert them as and where needed, and these can be logic formulas or mathematical, from simple to the more complex. This is a useful way of tailoring reports to specific clients, products or demographics.

Also, the Data Studio package is equipped with dynamic controls that make it easier for people to scroll through the data they don’t want to see to reach that which is relevant. Users can change date filters, for example, and you can hide or display information from specific users should you wish. Where Data Studio scores heavily is in collaboration, with the emphasis on sharing data – whether with your team or with clients – to improve the consumer experience and improve your ROI.

What do we think of Data Studio overall?


Data Studio is from the Google family of products so, as you would expect, it seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics and other platforms from Google. It can also integrate with many others. The live data connection is a welcome touch, as are the dynamic controls, and if there’s one area where other packages may be better it’s that the visual presentations are not as clear cut, and can be hard to get to grips with. At the moment it’s free to certain users, so check it out and have a look at it.

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