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Offering the right content at the right time with a personalized message becomes more important to stay relevant. Setup Marketing Automation to do so.

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What is Marketing Automation?

When you search for a definition of Marketing Automation you will find something like this: "technology which will help you to automate several repetitive tasks which are taken on a regular basis in a marketing campaign" or "It is a tool which allows an individual to design, execute and automate a time-bound marketing workflow". See here the full definition on Wikipedia. 

How we will explain it: Marketing Automation is a software to automate your marketing activities and personalize your outreach on a large scale. The term is used now in a lot of different ways, but ideally, you want to implement marketing automation to; nurture prospects with personalized, useful content in the entire funnel that helps to converts prospects to happy customers. 

The content you are showing or sending is not limited to email what a lot of people think. Don't confuse Marketing automation with sophisticated email marketing software or a programmatic buying system for ads, it can be a lot more than that when picking the right tool. 

A good digital marketing strategy and choice of the tool are critically based on the goals you have with start using a marketing automation tool.  As explained it is not just fully focussed on the sales part of the organization but it will be used for clients as well. See here where you will use the system and how the funnel will look like ideally; 

  • Showing relevant content to website visitors
  • Generating leads 
  • Creating MQL's 
  • Turning MQL's into SQL's 
  • Converting SQL's into prospects
  • Creating happy clients 

MQL = Marketing Qualified Lead
SQL = Sales Qualified Lead

As you can see it will touch different aspects of marketing and sales and it will cause that you will need to work together as the Sales and Marketing departments. This is fully why we started with this website, Sales and Marketing need to work more closely to get the best results. 

Why should you use a marketing automation tool?

For a long time companies have relied on sending out a big email or advertising campaigns hoping to generate clients. With this method, you are not taking any conditions and personalization in consideration of your target group. An Enterprise prospect which could be ready to buy will receive the same message as an SMB which just signed up for your newsletter. You are not taking into account where that prospect is in the buying cycle plus what kind of potential they have. 

When you are developing your digital marketing strategy you will define your ideal customer profile (ICP) and you will set targets for the strategy. When you have clearly defined ICP and targets it will be a lot easier to implement a marketing automation system and start defining workflows for it. By creating different workflows you can send personalized content to your different buying persona's, this will help you to increase your conversion. 

The biggest reasons why companies are going to use marketing automation in their strategy are: 

  1. Increase marketing ROI 
  2. Measure performance
  3. Generate clients 

Our biggest advice, make sure you keep sales involved in whatever you do to increase conversions & ROI in any way possible. They can help you for example with defining problems your prospects are having and what has worked for them. By creating better alignment it will help you to nurture leads on a big scale without losing the personal touch, sales will really appreciate this. When dealing with huge numbers of leads it is a logical step to start automating the nurturing process before pushing the leads to the sales department. 

Successful marketing automation strategies will help you to convert prospects but more importantly, keep nurturing customer relationships well after they have purchased. Full Marketing Automation won't be interesting for every company and does take a lot of time to do it properly, so don't expect the tool to do miracles for you.

What could marketing automation do for you: 

  • Capture more leads
  • Lead nurturing
  • Increase sales conversion
  • Retargeting
  • SEO

‍Automating your marketing efforts using marketing automation will allow you to focus on other tasks. If you want to see if Marketing Automation is something for you, check out this blog article.

What are the best marketing automation software tools? 

This is an easy question but won't be possible to answer here, just because you will have different needs than other readers of this topic. To answer this question always determine for yourself what you want to achieve when implementing a marketing automation system. We do understand you are not unaware of the possibilities before really digging into a certain tool. To help you out see here thee most well-known tools, again, make sure you determine which will be the right fit for you: 

Some other tools we haven't listed on our site to check out Salesforce Pardot, Marketo or Infusionsoft. Don't make the same mistakes as others before you have done. See below the biggest pitfalls regarding implementation;

  1. Ease of implementation
  2. Costs 
  3. Technical assistance 

Don't just go for the cheapest solution based on the price you see on the website, make sure you check out the SLA (service level agreement) and if the company helps you with the implementation. As it will become a part of a big part of your organization and you don't switch quickly after implementation, make sure you do proper research before going all-in on a tool. 

To give some ideas; you will find more and more tools which will have a built-in CRM system (ActiveCampaign) or have a free CRM on the side (Hubspot) on the side. This will mean you will need the buy-in from sales as well to switch your CRM system.  


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