Close is a CRM built for the real sales guy with predictive dialers, sequences, lead management and more. An all-in-one CRM system built by Sales People

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+ Impressive feature list
+ Ability to contact prospects across multiple channels
+ Great API


- Pricing, can be seen more expensive
- No lead scoring
- No social media integration


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Close CRM Features

Turn leads into revenue with Close, the CRM that helps to optimize your sales workflow. Teams spend less time on data entry and more time on what matters most: converting leads. The feature-rich Close CRM has robust reporting features that make visualizing your sales pipeline easier.

Four tiers are available with a 15% discount if you’re billed annually. You can try each tier for free and see if Close is a good option for your business.

Key features include:

Automated Predictive Dialers

Time spent picking up the phone and dialing a prospect randomly is often time lost. Close’s powerful automated predictive dialers put more power in the user’s hands with automated calling that makes sense.

Global coverage is offered, and contacts can be called with a single click on complete automation.

Users can double their outbound call volume and enjoy robust features, including:

Close makes calls simpler, with instant insights, global calling plans, existing number porting, main line adding and better audio to ensure crystal clear sound on every call.

Built-in call automation acts as one with your CRM. Sales reps are automatically put on the contact’s lead page so that you’re able to add notes right to the contact’s own information in your CRM.

As more team members log into the platform, more automatic calls are made simultaneously. The platform will increase or decrease the number of simultaneous calls automatically.

Sales reps are able to make 300+ calls a day when Close works through a list automatically.

Drag-and-Drop Pipeline View

Your workflow allows you to get more work done faster. Users are able to accelerate their sales funnel with a visual, drag-and-drop solution that provides solutions that are unique and battle-tested.

You’ll be able to:

Drag-and-drop function allows for minimal data entry and increased productivity. The workflow included is one of the most robust offered and utilizes data from thousands of sales teams to improve your workflow.

Sales reps and company managers are all kept updated and synced with data to understand where the company’s pipeline stands.

Every tier of Close CRM offers visual pipeline management with the value of opportunities and advanced filtering. You can even show just actual values of opportunities which is a great way to focus on the highest potential opportunities.

Sales Performance Reporting

Metrics and reporting help businesses and sales teams keep a close eye on the entire pipeline. A high-level pipeline overview for the entire team is provided with access to all of your business’ data in one click.

Reporting allows you to:

Intuitive reporting solutions allow Close to export all of your data out of the system or connect with other data solutions using the Close CRM. Exporting data enables you to make sense out of the data in a way that makes sense for you.

Reporting with opportunities and total value also help teams confidently make sales. Use close dates and confidence levels to find opportunities that have the best chance of being closed and leads that can be converted with greater confidence for an immediate revenue boost.

Through reporting, it’s possible to learn which salespeople should be retrained and which are performing well. The members that are performing well can have their calls recorded and used for training sales reps that aren’t performing well.

Close has also added Zoom integration, works with email and SMS, and is one of the most powerful CRMs on the market.

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