will help you to identify & approach the right prospects via targetted emailing campaigns. Make the right decisions with their analyse features

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Up and downsides


+ Great way to scale your outreach as a sales person

+ Must have if you are doing lots of cold emails

+ Easy to use


- We are unsure if it will survive your GDPR check.

See GDPR information here

- Can be considered pricy


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Product Description is a sales automation platform designed specifically for sales teams, offering tools for prospecting, emailing, analyzing, and data synchronizing. The cloud-based tool allows sales team members to identify opportunities, manage outreach, automate data entry, and track performance from one platform. integrates with a range of third party apps including Pipedrive, Salesforce, Hubspot,, and Slack, to automate data synchronization and ensure that prospecting workflows and sales pipelines flow seamlessly through multiple systems.

With, sales teams can find and verify email addresses when prospecting. Using the Google Chrome extension, users can crawl social networks and web pages to find prospects' email addresses, names, job titles, companies, and more. Prospects can also be added to the system in bulk when there are multiple email addresses linked to one domain, and users can search for a specific person’s details by entering their name into the extension search tool. automatically verifies email addresses in real time as they are collected, to ensure that they really exist, and email addresses can also be verified in bulk for CSV list imports. can also be used create, schedule, and monitor drip email campaigns for nurturing leads and closing sales. Emails can be adapted from existing templates, or custom templates can be created and saved for later use. Sales teams are able to schedule their email sequences to send at specific times, and setup triggers to stop campaigns automatically when prospects reply, click, or convert. In order to help businesses gain insight into campaign effectiveness, provides reports and analytics on email opens, clicks, replies, bounces, conversions, and more, and emails can be analyzed to understand how they compare to other campaigns within the industry.

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