will help you to identify & approach the right prospects via targetted emailing campaigns. Make the right decisions with their analyse features

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+ Great way to scale your outreach as a sales person
+ Must have if you are doing lots of cold emails
+ Easy to use


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Tool FAQ

No items found. Features is a sales automation platform designed to increase your outbound sales team productivity. When using this platform, you’ll be able to close more deals and start more conversations. integrates with a range of third party apps including Pipedrive, Salesforce, Hubspot,, and Slack, to automate data synchronisation and ensure that prospecting workflows and sales pipelines flow seamlessly through multiple systems.

Two plans are available, allowing you to email hundreds of prospects, create prospect lists, create unlimited campaigns, verify emails, track your emails, drip emails over time and view reports on your progress.

Three of the main tools available with are:

List Building

Listing building can be considered a suite of tools that provide you with invaluable information on potential prospects. This tool will account for an abundance of what is offered on this platform.

You will be able to get the right message to the right person faster and more efficiently with great features, such as:

But it is also hard to keep all of your contact information in one place. You will be able to organize information in lists, use smart segments, create custom fields and also create exclusion lists.’s segmentation is a highly customizable option to send personalized messages to each prospect. Prospects never have to feel as if you're mass mailing them when smart segmentation is in place.

If there’s a prospect or company that you do not want to contact in the future, you can add it to the exclusion list to ensure no one in your company ever reaches out to them again.


Prospects require a lot of nurturing for them to go from a lead to a sale. allows you to remain persistent with their outbound tools. You'll be able to use great tools to:

If you use Salesforce or LinkedIn, you'll be able to connect directly to both of these platforms without ever having to leave your CRM.

Pro tip: Read our blog on Everything you need to know about Drip Marketing.


Productivity is the difference between making sales in a manner that is cost efficient or losing money. Time is precious, and with, you have all tools available to make sales and boost efficiency.

Sales teams connect to what is called the “Sales Cockpit.” Sales cockpit offers a simple dashboard with a lot of power. The cockpit allows team members to add:

The platform works with a no data entry philosophy. What this means is that platform feeds information into your existing tools so that you can reduce the amount of data you have to plug it in over time.

There's also something called two-way sync, which keeps your CRM updated with data from You can use full customization with user mapping, conflict management and priorities. works with many of the most popular CRMs, including:

When members of your sales team go to make decisions, they can use reporting to their advantage. You should be making decisions based on data, not chance. takes over your outbound strategy with full tracking. You'll be able to track when someone:

Company performance is also provided. When you look at company performance, you can see your different outbound sales activities and understand which activities are helping increase sales the most.

The platform also provides you with information to understand which employees are performing well and which may benefit from additional training to boost their sales. There is a leaderboard as well as sales goals and objectives that can be added to the platform to have a better overall view of how your team is performing. alternatives

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