Perform a SEO audit, see new keyword suggestions, Content ideas, Backlink data and a bigger domain overview. Free tool by SEO guru Neil Patel.

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+ Free

+ Great insights; must have

+ Focusses on lots of SEO aspects


- Not as extensive as Paid tools

- Nothing else.


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What can UberSuggest do for you?

UberSuggest is a free tool build by Neil Patel, a SEO guru and well known person within the marketing landscape.

Keep track of multiple websites / projects

See a big overview of how your websites are doing in SEO. See the organic traffic, keyword results, backlinks and referring domains in one overview. If your website is having any issues which can affect SEO you will see them as well, these reflect on your overal SEO health.

Get keywords ideas

Get ideas for keywords to rank on plus see exactly what the search volume is. Next to the volume you will see the average CPC (Cost Per Click), Paid Difficulty and Search Difficulty. This will give you a lot of insights what could be easy keywords to rank on, without spending (a lot of) money. Want to do more analysis or add more data to the list, export selected keywords to a CSV.

Content Ideas

Based on the keyword you want to rank on are able to see popular content using that specific keyword. Next to seeing the Page Title and URL you will get insights in the estimated visits, backlinks and social shares. Next to giving you an idea on what to write, it will give you good insights if the blog is generating a lot of backlinks.

Site Audit

Our most used feature of UberSuggest. This view will show you exactly what you can improve to improve your SEO health. It shows you the amount of errors and which have the most negative impact on your SEO. The errors come with a clear explanation on what you need to do plus how difficult it is. Having this view allows you to focus on the most easy ones first with the highest SEO impact.

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