Track your market share, get market intelligence and see all your competitors traffic. Helpt out to understand your market and enhances your performance.

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+ Get intel on competitors traffic
+ Free version on the site
+ Breakdown of traffic and lots more


- You quickly have to go to paid if you want more
- It probably will give you lots to do


Get insights in your competitors traffic by using Similarweb
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SimilarWeb Features

SimilarWeb allows for marketing intelligence solutions that can boost your company's sales and empower your decision-making. You can sign up for free, but there are multiple pricing tiers that allow you to leverage even more tools and features.

The main features of SimilarWeb include:

Website Analysis

Website and app analysis are built into the platform, offering you intelligence at your fingertips. You can use a variety of different tools to amplify your website's performance, including:

Industry Analysis

Industry analysis allows you to understand the industry they are either getting into or are already in. There are three main features of the industry analysis portion of this tool and may include:

Industry analysis is an important way for you to base your marketing campaign using data. If you use the industry analysis tool properly, you can start generating traffic the same way that the leaders in your industry are.

Analysis removes trial and error from your marketing, and can also help you save money in the long term by doing more of the marketing that generates leads and less that comes up empty handed.


API and Integration

API integration allows you to build tools that connect directly to the similar web platform. These tools can help you integrate your tools with the power of SimilarWeb. You can use API for:

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Multiple industries are already using these APIs to their advantage. You'll find that the SimilarWeb API has been used in the following industries, and the number continues to grow:

A few of the many ways that companies are using this API to integrate into their platforms includes:

SimilarWeb is a tool that is used across multiple different niches. You'll find that the platform is robust, and there are nice dashboards that make it easy for users to begin using the analysis tools available on SimilarWeb.

Use these tools to discover new opportunities, partners, leads and even affiliates that can join your program and help you generate new sales.

Similarweb alternatives:

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