Track your market share, get market intelligence and see all your competitors traffic. Helpt out to understand your market and enhances your performance.

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Up and downsides


+ Get intel on competitors traffic

+ Free version on the site

+ Breakdown of traffic and lots more


- You quickly have to go to paid if you want more

- It will give you lots to do probably ;)


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Product description SimilarWeb

You can now find out where the traffic from you competitor is coming from with the use of Similarweb. Carry out an analysis on any website or on the entire industry. If you just want to find out for a few websites you can use the free option on the site. Want to use it more fequent or see more information you would quickly need to go to SimilarWeb Pro.

With the pro version you will get full access to analytics data of any site, including user engagement metrics such as monthly visits, visit duration, pageview and bounce rates. All com with geographic traffic details and audience interests.

You can also see exactly where the traffic of your competitor is coming from with a breakdown with all sources to the site, including referrals, organic search, social channels and display advertising. Furthermore, you can see which ad networks they use and view their actual ads they are running.

Next to showing the traffic coming to the site, it will show you all the outgoing links as well.

There is soo much more to SimilarWeb Pro than listed above, this is why we really recommend looking into it!

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