Track your website performance in real-time. Get alerts via email and Slack so you are always in control and SEO optimized.

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Up and downsides


+ Real-time insights in website Health

+ Track SEO changes and get alerts for critical issues

+ Easy to use; Great UX


- No free plan

- Google Data Studio API only available from Pro plan


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ContentKing product information

ContentKing monitors your website(s) 24/7 and keep tracks of any issues and changes. In case of trouble, it'll send alerts through email and Slack. Work together on improving your websites via the easy-to-use interface and add your everyone who is involved.

Real Time SEO Auditing

ContentKing is the only SEO tool out there that'll give you real-time insight in the state of your website.

Change tracking

ContentKing allows you to keep track of all the SEO changes on your website. It's basically a revision history of your entire site. This means you can quickly and easily see who's making all those changes that are hurting your SEO performance!

Alerts in case of trouble

In case of high-impact issues and changes, ContentKing will send alerts (email and/or Slack, whatever your prefer). You can customize the settings for these alerts to adjust sensitivity and to exclude alerts for certain changes and/or issues to avoid getting too many.

Integrations with your favourite tools

ContentKing integrates with the tools you are already using; Slack, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio & Adobe analytics.

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