Automate your one-to-many communication while keeping it 100% personal. Use reply for sales (in and outbound), Linkbuilding, Recruiting and much more!

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+ Scale your outreach with same sales people
+ Increase open rates on cold emails
+ Lots of integrations


- For EU: Read the GDPR page first before starting
- Could be a bit hard to start with
- It can use some design updates


Get insights in your outbound sales campaign with
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Tool FAQ

What is

How much does cost?

The Reply sales engagement platform has a 14-day free trial and different solutions and paid plans, these are: 1. Sales Engagement: Individual $70/user, Business $ 60.00/user, Agency $ 50.00/user, 2. Email Search: offers a free plan (200 email credits/month), another plan for $ 49.00 (500 email credits/month) and, finally, a plan for $ 99.00 (unlimited email credits/month).

Does integrate with HubSpot?

Yes, Reply to connect or integrate to HubSpot offers the following alternatives: 1. Native Reply-HubSpot integration. 2. BCC configuration by entering the HubSpot email address (with the format 3. With the online app integrator Zapie. And 4. This way you can connect individual contacts, contact lists, synchronize data, among others.

What can do?'s reply sales engagement platform has a wealth of features designed to maximize sales management for companies. Some of them are: Manage contacts; email automation that includes classification of replies to messages into interested, not interested, not now, do not contact, no reply and forwarded; intelligent functions supported by AI, etc.

What is a sales engagement platform?

A sales engagement platform is a platform that helps optimize the interaction and exchange of information between the salesperson and prospects or customers. They are the ideal solution for those sales teams looking to save time because they can connect data from other digital platforms without moving from one program to another and increase sales.

How does integrate with other systems?

To keep sales information updated and synchronized provides the ability to connect company data to different types of software. Some of the integrations are the following: native integrations with HubSpot, Pipedrive,, Zendesk Sell, Salesforce; various integrations with Reply Chrome extension, integrations via Zapier, Integromat, Integrately; API (more than 30 methods). Features

Reply is a sales engagement platform that offers email search automation and other automation tools to streamline your outreach and engagement. Sort, categorize, reply and manage your contacts automatically to save your sales team time.

Reply has a 14-day free trial (no credit card required). Team and individual subscriptions are available.

The platform won the Premium Usability 2019 award and was named a Top 50 Product for Sales in 2019. While Reply offers an array of robust features, there are three in particular that make this platform stand out:

Contact Management

Reply makes it easy to manage your prospective leads. Group prospective leads based on a wide range of criteria, import your contacts from a CSV file, or enter your contact data manually.

Smart filters and contact list segmentation allow you to group and categorize your prospects. Reply also allows you to view sequence and profile history, recent activity with contacts and email conversations.

Contact management tools help you keep your campaigns organized and focus all of your efforts on the most promising prospects.

Email Automation

Reply automates your outreach by sending cold emails automatically based on your campaign’s settings. Every message can be customized based on your preferences, and you can send follow-up messages automatically so that you never miss an opportunity to convert a customer.

Once your emails are sent, you can see what happens to them, monitor your campaign’s performance, carry out testing and even measure your results.

Reply’s algorithm, which is powered by machine learning, will automatically sort your replies into appropriate folders:

Replies are categorized based on the matter of response. These categories help you focus on the right prospects, so you can close more deals and avoid wasting time and resources on prospects that won’t convert. Reply’s AI algorithm can categorize emails with 90% accuracy by analyzing the intent and context of the email.

With Reply, you can also create your own custom folders for even more targeted categorization. You can also sync with your CRM, making it easier to manage prospect information and conversations.

Reply’s email automation can save you up to 10 hours a week. That’s 10 additional hours you can spend on making calls and closing deals.

Pro tip: See our blog on how you can convert clients via Cold Emails.

AI-Backed. Smart Features

Reply’s AI-backed, smart features help you engage with prospects more quickly and more effectively using:

Why spend time carrying out these tasks manually when Reply’s AI-backed, automated system can do it for you?

Through the power of AI and machine learning, Reply can recommend actions to take to engage and potentially convert leads. The AI is configured with 10 million emails, which the platform uses to ensure suggestions are accurate.

The quality check function helps you draft actionable emails that are more likely to be opened and get a response. Reply will check your email text in real-time and use 5 parameters that are known to affect open and reply rates:

Reply scores your emails and helps you craft better ones to increase conversions.


With Reply, brands can automate their email campaigns and responses, freeing up time for sales teams to focus on the most promising prospects. All of these tools are available as part of Reply’s subscription, which is available for individuals, teams and enterprises. Alternatives

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