Start sending personalized emails at scale to get more replies and build warmer relationships with your audience. Add overlay screenshots to images.

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+ Advanced cold email personalization

+ Auto email warm up

+ Maximize email deliverability


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Lemlist product description

Grow your business with personalised email outreach. Lemlist is a cold email tool that helps agencies, sales teams and B2B businesses personalize and automate outreach campaigns. There are three unique features that lemlist provides you with.

Number one is the ability to insert & overlay custom screenshots, images or logos onto images within your emails. That way, you’re adding a much-needed personal touch without sacrificing the ability to send emails at scale.

Number two is auto email address warm-up. By leveraging this feature, you will significantly boost your email deliverability without breaking a sweat.

Finally, you’re able to launch all kinds of sequences and put them on autopilot, without losing their personalization at scale feature.With Lemlist you are able to send personalized pictures and video's withing your email. This will make your emails highly personalized and increase your conversion.

Maximize Email Deliverability

When you have a new domain your domain authority will not be that high. Lemlist will send emails on your behalf to other users to 'warm up your email' account. This way before you start sending your cold emails you won't end up in the spam box. Lear more about email deliverability here.

Sending emails in bulk at one time is something from the past, with Lemlist you can make sure you will send emails at the right time, across any time zone.

Email Personalization

Automated Email Sequences

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