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Generate (more) business via Linkedin. You can automate the repeating Linkedin tasks so you can focus on keep growing your business and closing deals.

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Dux Soup

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Up and downsides


+ Great way to scale your Linkedin outreach

+ Easy to 'set and forget' and have it working for you on the background

+ Friendly pricing


- Potentially breaches with Linkedin's ToS


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Dux-Soup product info

Generate new business using Linkedin Automation with Dux-Soup. Start focussing on growing your business and have Dux-Soup do the lead generation leg-work for you via an automated way. Find, attract and engage with your prospects in a very effective and scalable way.

Automate Linkedin outreach at scale

After finding your Ideal Customers on Linkedin by doing a (advanced) search you can start automating the outreach via Dux Soup. Add personalised messages to your prospects when inviting them automatically. Besides starting a conversation with a lot of people you will also grow your Linkedin connections rapidly.

Setup Linkedin drip campaigns

Want to follow up with prospects or set up a long term drip campaign? You can do this with the Turbo package from DuxSoup. Spend your time only on the prospects which respond so you can focus on closing business.

Manage Linkedin Prospects

Leave notes and tags directly on the Linkedin profile to make the more searchable and actionable later. This goes for all connections, so not just your 1st degree. Turn Linkedin into your own Lead Management system and always know what is going on. Want to reach out to a list of people which you have in a CSV, upload those and run a targeted sales campaign.

Download Linkedin data

Get your Linkedin information into a .csv so you can upload it into your CRM or any software. You can add all kind of information like summary, skills, email address, notes and more. Using the email address could be helpful if you want to run a targeted facebook ad towards the Linkedin prospects.

Automate everything with DuxSoup

You can automate a lot more with DuxSoup, for example:

Start automating your Linkedin work with Dux-Soup

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