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- Integrations with other API's can be complex
- You will need some skills to get it working
- Pricing increases when your client base increases


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Digital marketing is an essential part of any modern business’s marketing campaign, and it needs to be tailored to your specific business requirements if you are to get a return on investment. The 21st century consumer is looking for more than just a product or service, as they are used to social media providing them with information and a journey to enjoy. is one of many marketing automation packages that are designed to make life easier for marketers and help agencies automate marketing campaigns and is highly rated by many users who appreciate its versatile nature.

Using many of the tools that most CRM solutions offer, including the use of tailored emails and streamlined, personalised communication, is easy to use and simple to set up, and also provides access to a variety of functions that can be customised for each user.

How Works offers access to many different features via a simple to use dashboard and is big on email automation and creating a customer journey that will engage the consumer and engender brand loyalty. Designed to save time in getting the right message to the consumer – and at the right time – is a popular choice of CRM in a range of different market areas.

The package is sensibly priced in what is a competitive market, and its unique features combined with those you expect from a marketing automation package make it an attractive choice. Here are some of the features that come with

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Data Integration

Being able to integrate a marketing automation tool with platforms that are widely used is a selling point, and can be integrated with many of the most popular. These include Basecamp, Dropbox, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics and many more. This puts at the front of the queue where data integration is concerned. Furthermore, it offers automated integration so that all your databases are kept up to date without the need for manual intervention, and your available information will be accurate in real time.


One of the functions we like about is the ability to create segments. This is done primarily for speed of access and implementation. For example, you can choose who you want to target by a variety of factors including personal attributes, there interaction with your pages, and much more from the information available on the databases. You can limit the pages they can see to only those that will be of interest to them, thus further speeding up their actions and interactivity on your site.

Automated Workflow uses a simple drag and drop interface function to help users create automated workflow routes via many different communication alleys. You can use email or SMS, as well as push notifications and webhooks, and design the workflow as you wish by way of branches and triggers that send information one way or another depending upon the relevance. This is a simple yet very effective workflow automation feature that will appeal to all businesses, and especially smaller growing concerns.

Explore Metrics and Optimize

The ability within to explore more than just simple data is one of the main attractions of what is a very usable package. You can look at detailed figures relating to conversions, revenue and more. This can be related to a wide range of parameters of your choice, and it’s all put together very easily. allows you to analyse and present data in several ways. This is a comprehensive part of the package that will be widely appreciated by growing businesses.

The above are just some of the many features and functions that you will gain access to when you sign up to and there are many more that are of interest. In addition to these, the support offered is very impressive. What do we think of overall?

Conclusion is a cut above many of the automation packages we have seen as it focuses on a broader spread of business automation. We like the database integration as it can work with just about every package – including sales and marketing as well as ads and more – and is easy to use install and use.

For businesses that need to streamline and automate marketing and data acquisition, this could be a tool that will come in very useful so it is certainly one that we would add to a shortlist, and it comes at a price that is competitive with similar marketing automation tools. Alternatives

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