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+ All in one platform and they say to be cheaper
+ Lots of features / Automations
+ Easy signup & free trial


- Not easy to use for everyone
- Less reviews than lots of other marketing automation tools


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Tool FAQ

What is

What is used for? marketing automation platform is used to generate leads, increase conversion rate, optimize and customize communication channels between customers and teams (chatbot, email, live chat, etc.), automate sales and marketing activities, organize management data efficiently, obtain reports and metrics for timely and accurate decision making, among others.

How much does cost? offers a free trial and payment plans that depend on the number of actions performed, users and emails sent. The monthly payment plans are: 1. Personal for $ 49.00, 2. Business for $ 249.00 and, 3. Premium for $ 1,349.00. Interested parties can also subscribe to quarterly, semi-annual or annual plans (the latter include special discounts).

Does offer a free plan?

Yes, offers a totally free plan. This plan can be integrated with Google calendar and includes among others the following features: CRM of 5,000 contacts, Live Chat with a capacity of 2k messages or a time of 60 days, analysis and tracking tools, and basic knowledge library for customers and team.

What apps integrate with is easy to install and can be integrated to any website and to the most used programs and apps, for example Wordpress, Google Tag Manager, JavaScript, Magento, Instapage, Weebly, Slack, Zapier, Facebook Lead Ads, Google Analytics, Airtable, Trello, Typeform, Google Forms, Gmail, Calendly, Mailchimp, Zoom, CSV, and Intercom.

Is available on Android or iOS?

So that users can connect from wherever they are, has a mobile app for both iOS and Android which can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store respectively. From the app you can set up responses to help visitors faster, access their profiles, get to know them, send personalized messages, and more.

User.Com Features

Among the many tools that are designed to provide marketing automation resources, User.Com is one of the more popular. It is intended as an ‘all in one’ tool for all areas of the business to utilize – including sales and marketing, as well as support, and is regularly cited as being easy to use and effective.

User is a CRM automation tool that also allows you to automate other areas of business communication including email and SMS and has analytical features that enable you to learn more about your customers and potential customers and tailor your marketing to suit.

A comprehensive package that can be integrated with most of the popular platforms, User.Com is popular with a wide and varied range of market sectors, so let’s have a look at how it works, and discuss some of the notable features.

How Works

A single platform solution that appeals to marketers, sales teams and support operatives, User.Com is cleverly configured to help with personalized tailoring of communications as well as providing capable analytical tools that help you see how you are performing quickly and easily.

The package comes with features epically created for many different industries including finance and e-commerce, travel and healthcare, real estate, automobile dealers and many more. Yet, it is the main section of different areas of use that appeal across the board, so let’s talk about those in more detail.

CRM and Visitor Tracking

User allows you to track your visitor’s behaviour in a great deal, incorporating figures relating to page views, opened mails, received messages and much more. Also, you can use the platform to analyze all interactions with your viewers for reporting and data acquisition. Creating tailored databases is simple with User and is one of the most useful of all the tools you will find within the package.

The automation of sales activity and storage of all information in one easy to access place means that User will be much in demand by your sales team, and by the marketing division who sill finds its analytics second to none.

Communications Ability

If you need a tool to ease and streamline communication with clients, then User makes the right choice. You have tools that enable you to utilize a live chat function or a chatbot with automated responses. You can send tailored emails and use push notifications to streamline marketing and sales routines further. The Knowledge Base feature is a nice touch that allows the storage of information in an easy to access form that may be of interest to your users.

Automation and Analytics

We do not have enough space here to go into too much detail about the automation of marketing routines that User helps with, but we will highlight the fact it has been designed to make presenting information attractive and engaging for your users. As for the analytics capability, you can automate information regarding all activity in marketing, sales and support using customized reports that you design – it’s very easy to do – so that your team gets the data it needs to help streamline every possible area of the business. 

Further Features

User.Com is designed to help business growth by gaining knowledge of what your customers want, like and don’t like. The tools it provides you with to achieve this are well-designed and simple, accurate and integrated, so you can share your real-time performance with departments at the same time. One area in which we think User is stronger than some other marketing automation solutions is that of support: the live chat feature is widely used to deal quickly with online enquiries and potential problems, and the health check system and customizable library are also excellent tools to have on board. 

One neat and original feature is the ability to create a quick and simple customer satisfaction survey, which is a great way of keeping on top of improvements that might benefit your business growth. Innovations like this show that the User.Com team are aware of how the competition is progressing and aim to stay ahead of the curve.


There is little doubt that among all of the competition, User.Com does have a few tricks up its sleeve that gives it something extra. It is a very comprehensive platform in terms of offering a wide variety of tools for marketing, sales and support, and how it is integrated makes it a wise choice for a variety of different areas of commerce and industry. User.Com is a well-designed, useful and sensibly priced marketing and sales automation package that is worth investigating closely.

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