Turn your sign up forms and questionnaires into a conversation with Typeform. Add rule logic, integrations and more to automate the process and follow-ups.

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+ Free version available
+ Turn your forms into something fun
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- Salesforce integration only with highest Tier


turn your questions into a fun conversation
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Tool FAQ

What is Typeform?

Who uses Typeform?

Due to its high effectiveness Typeform has been used by more than 9,000 companies in different countries around the world including remote sites. These companies are usually medium or small and come from sectors such as IT or digital marketing. Some of them are: Forbes, Moz, HubSpot, Trello, Wrike, freshdesk, Borrowell, Beardbrand, Codeworks, etc.

What is Typeform used for?

Typeform is used to transform the way you communicate with customers. By using this tool, the right questions are asked to learn about their preferences and opinions, using intuitive surveys and forms that resemble a real, personalized conversation without requiring programming skills. The use of this tool allows for higher completion and engagement rates.

Is Typeform free?

Typeform, the online solution for designing forms, surveys and more, has a totally free plan that allows you to collect 100 responses per month, create 10 to 10 questions per form, embed the Typeform in a web page, use 3 types of forms, access pre-designed templates, download data and metrics reports and try out paid plan features.

How much is Typeform a month?

Typeform offers a free plan and paid plans as follows: Essentials for $ 35.00 per month with up to 1,000 responses per month and 3 logic jumps per Typeform, Professional for $ 35.00 per month (annual fee) with 5,000 responses per month and unlimited logic jumps and finally, Premium $ 70.00 per month (10,000 responses, unlimited typeforms, logic jumps, questions, etc.).

How do I embed a Typeform?

Typeforms forms and surveys can be embedded seamlessly into a website, email, Wordpress or any of the applications it integrates with, such as Canva, HubSpot, Monday.com, Salesforce, Slack, Excel, etc. For example, if you want to embed a Typeform form on a website, all you have to do is log in to your account, click on the form and hit share.

Typeform Features

Typeform is designed to help you turn your data collection into an experience. You'll be able to do this by engaging with your audience using a set of different tools, like forms and surveys, to gather more data that your business can use to strengthen its product.

But Typeform also offers an intuitive design that allows you to make more out of your forms than ever before. You'll be able to use different editors that allow you to automatically create questions to add to your survey or contact form automatically.

There are multiple tiers of pricing:

You can also request a custom plan if you need more data to be collected. Key features in this platform include:

Logic Jumps, Typeforms and Questions

Creating forms or surveys can take a lot of time, but the built-in features allow you to quickly and easily start collecting data. There are multiple ways that you'll be able to collect data, and it first starts with typing into a standard form that will detect your questions and add them to a survey or contact form for you.

You don't need to know any advanced HTML or CSS to get your forms up and running.

Using logic jumps, you're able to collect different data based on how people answer questions. These are personalized question paths that will change depending on the answer to a specific question. This allows you to gather more in-depth data from the people that are taking your survey or filling out your forms.

You're also able to create unlimited questions and create as many typeforms as you need.

If you're requesting that someone upload a file, the standard file storage size is up to two gigabytes. When you're on the premium tier of service, will have up to 4 gigabytes of file storage available for you.

Payment Collection

When you collect data, you may also be using the data when a purchase is being made. The platform allows you to collect payments directly through the platform so that if you sell products, take bookings or accept donations, you're able to collect payments automatically through your form.

There are calculators for payments and quizzes, and there are multiple “thank you” screens available.

if you want to create your own “thank you” screens, you can do so through the custom “thank you” screen creator. This allows you to add your own personal touch and copy to your screen. Going a step further, you can also schedule a close day, personalized hidden fields on certain tiers and have responded email notifications sent directly to you.

Oftentimes, you'll want to integrate into other tools to add your contact forms or surveys. This is possible directly through the Typeform product.

Typeform Integrations

Integration is going to allow you to use many of the same great products your team uses today alongside Typeform. The two main integrations that are available include:

Integrations may not be the platform’s most powerful feature, but they certainly strengthen what Typeform offers. You'll be able to utilize email marketing or spreadsheets to further promote the data collection forms and surveys that are available with Typeform.

The highest product tier does allow integration into Salesforce along with a team collaboration add-on. Redirects and numerous other features are available for the highest service tier.

When you first start out with Typeform, on the lowest tier, you’ll be able to collect up to 1,000 responses.

Typeform allows for up to 100,000 responses per month on their highest tier, but this may not be sufficient for large entities. If you need more responses from the platform, there is a custom solution option that can allow you to scale your data collection even further.

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