Organize your work your way using Airtable. It is part spreadsheet, part database and entirely flexible for your needs. Get better insights in one overview

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+ Great customisation options

+ Get better data into a spreadsheet view

+ Easy to visualize data


- Can be complicated when you start with the app

- No reporting


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Airtable product information

Unique filed types

You can put any type of content you want in Airtable and still remain the spreadsheet look. Add attachments, links, barcodes, long texts or basically anything else. In our opinion, they re-invented the spreadsheet as you can now add anything you want. It will help you with everything you do in your organization, you can add extra information to your prospects or marketing planning. If you are not using a social media planner but do want to create an agenda for planning posts, Airtable would be a great way to do so.

Configure the view

Don't get limited to one specific view. Show all your data in different types of view; Grid, Calendar, Gallery or Kanban view. For every project you can choose a different view so you always have the perfect view for your data. By changing the views you are able to cancel a lot tools you are already using as it all possible in Airtable.

Link relating content

When creating marketing or sales overviews you probably are using the data twice somewhere. Changing things in the schedule can be time consuming as you have to change it at multiple places again. With Airtable you can create smart relationships between different projects, this way you only have to add and adjust the data once. Become more productive and have up to data all the time.

Integrate your favourite apps

Airtable offers integrations with the tools you already use like; Slack, Mailchimp, Evernote and more! They also offer an API so you can send the data anywhere you want.

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