One of the 'older' marketing automation systems out there. Marketo was formerly called Eloqua and is part of the Adobe suite. Great in CRM lead management.

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+ Powerful Email Marketing
+ Lots of other functionalities
+ Great for agencies


- More technical than other systems
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Marketo Features

The 21st century demands that online digital marketing has a place in every business’s marketing campaign, and marketers and agencies are always in touch with the latest tools, apps, and software to launch.

Marketo is a market-leading software package designed to enable automated digital marketing routines and increase consumer engagement. Used by both companies and agencies, it is highly regarded for being easy to use and also useful.

What Marketo offers is a broad selection of functions and features that help users to streamline their marketing and target specific audiences, as well as providing accurate analytical tools for further direct marketing information. 

How Marketo Works

Marketo follows the lead of many of the best CRM – customer relationship management – software packages in being aimed at keeping abreast of engagement and in touch with customer behaviour and using analysis tools to improve website engagement and lead generation.

It is designed to operate in all types of business effectively and is used in a wide range of commercial settings. There are several different groups of features, which we will describe below.

Lead Management

By way of cleverly designed automated marketing solutions, Marketo allows for accurate and up to the minute lead management including lead generation and analysis, personalized campaigns for direct lead capture, prioritized sales conversions and a range of analysis tools that keep the user up to date with current lead and sales information. It’s easy to use and effective, and fully integrated with other areas of the Marketo package.

Email Marketing

An email is a communication tool of high efficiency, but also a marketing device that is often underused in business. What Marketo allows you to do with its range of email marketing tools is cut through the mass of mail that people get routinely each day and provide content that is engaging, of interest and relevant to the specific person or groups you are targeting. This is just one part of what is a comprehensive email marketing feature.

Consumer Marketing

For many users, the Consumer Marketing features offered by Marketo will be among the most likely to attract them to the package. You can use it to target specified demographics, streamline your marketing to reach the right consumers, enhance brand engagement and loyalty and produce reports that allow an in-depth and usable analysis of behaviour in many different areas of the process. 

Customer Base Marketing

It can all too easy when chasing new leads to overlook the needs of your existing customers. The Marketo Customer Base Marketing features help you keep those customers engaged and interested, perhaps by informing where relevant of new products or services that may be relevant to them or by prioritizing their needs with specific ads and communications. This section also includes extensive analytics so you can compare the impact, for example, of existing customer sales against that of new customers and split your attention and marketing to match.

Mobile Marketing

The hand-held device can drive a market, as more people than ever are using mobiles to communicate, browse and purchase goods and services. This is particularly so where local searches are concerned. The comprehensive features that Marketo brings to the world of mobile marketing are impressive and allow you to keep up to date with the behaviour of clients, to engage leads on the move, and to target specific groups for personalized ads and other communications. Keep on top with the analysis tools and you can model your marketing for mobile users very accurately.

These are not all of the features that Marketo offers as there are more in each area of use, and we would advise you check out the analytics and account-based marketing functions in much more detail than we have room for here. 


In a world where competition is rife in every area of industry and commerce, it is essential that a marketing campaign – no matter the scope or size of the business – is directed towards the potential consumer groups who will be interested and to whom it will be relevant. Otherwise, any efforts will be lost among thousands of competing campaigns.

The comprehensive set of functions, marketing automation solutions, analytical tools, and reporting options that Marketo makes it a package that should be further investigated, and it is especially strong in the areas of email marketing, automated marketing, and mobile communication. 

Easy to use and effective, this is a tool that is extremely popular with marketers and agencies who wish to get to the heart of the market, and one that has many features not seen elsewhere.

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