Linked Helper is a great way to generate leads automatically via Linkedin, works with all the versions of Linkedin. Auto invite, visit, respond and more.

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Up and downsides


+ Great way to scale your Linkedin outreach

+ Monthly plans & free trial

+ Works with different Linkedin subscriptions


- Chrome extension only

- Has had some problems in the past with Linkedin


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LinkedHelper product information

Automate your work with Linkedin and start generating more prospects via Linkedin. LinkedHelper works with the free version of Linkedin, Linkedin Sales Navigator and Linkedin Recruiter. Using the automation will allow you to connect with a lot of prospects by still staying personal.

Expand your Linkedin network

Start a search on Linkedin finding the your Ideal Customer Profile, to do a more comprehensive search we do recommend Linkedin Sales Navigator. After you have found the people you want to connect with (2nd or 3rd degree people) you can choose to "Collect, Select & Invite connections". By doing so Linkedin Helper will first collect all the profiles, which allows you to deselect people if you don't want them to get an invite. Once you have your ideal list you can send them a personalised message using the variables.

Linkedin Message sequence

Get more out of your 1st degree connections on Linkedin by starting a Message Sequence. You can use different variables to stay personalized and increase conversion.

Linkedin Autoresponder

Run an auto-responder campaign for recently added connections.

Message Linkedin Group Members

When you are in a Linkedin Group you can send them a bulk message using Linkedin Helper.

Invite connections to join Linkedin Group

Invite your 1st degree connections to join a Linkedin group

Export Linkedin contacts to CSV

If you want to do more analysis, run an email campaign or import people into your CRM the most easy way is to do so via exporting the contacts.

Give automated Endorsements

Automated giving endorsements to others on Linkedin. On average 10-30% will endorse you in return, which will result in having lots of endorsements in no time.

Automatic signature

When sending a message on Linkedin you want to know how people can get back to you (besides Linkedin). With LinkedHelper you can add automatically a signature to every Linkedin message you sent.

A lot more

If there is something you want to automate on Linkedin, LinkedHelper can probably do it fo you. If you are looking for other Linkedin automation tools, see also Dux-Soup.

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