Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is running quick experiments to grow your businesses. To be able to do this quickly you need tools; lots of tools. See them here.

Growth Hacking

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Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking explained

Growth Hacking is a term for marketeers which use rapid experimentation to test their efforts. The big difference between a traditional marketer and a Growth Hacker, is that the growth Hacker works across various areas of a business. They own the entire funnel to maximize the growth of business with their experiments. Growth Hackers are often more generalists which means they know a bit about everything instead of something very specific very good. This means they often use a lot of tools which help them to set up an experiment very quickly.

Growth Hacking tools for Social Media

Often when people think of growth hacking, they think of messages on social media. It is something which works very well for many businesses, it is basically social media on steroids. With the tools below you are able to automate invites, messages and a lot more.

Growth Hacking Chrome Extensions

Being a growth hacker is almost equal to using a lot of chrome extensions. We haven't listed them all separate as they often change quickly plus don't always have that much information available. Our biggest recommendation on using the different chrome extension; make sure you comply to the GDPR rules.

Growth Hacking Courses

Want to start educating yourself on Growth Hacking and the mindset you will need to really be successful? See here some of the Growth Hacking courses we have found and are getting good ratings.

Know any other tools or courses; let us know!

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