Teamleader is a solution which offers a CRM, project management and invoicing in one solution. Take care of the essentials with Teamleader.

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+ Multiple systems at once
+ Great support
+ Software made for Small Medium Businesses


- With an overall rating of 4.2 there aren't that many
- If you are going to use all tools you will need training


Manage your prospects, invoicing and projects within one sytem.
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Tool FAQ

What is Teamleader?

Who uses Teamleader CRM?

The official webpage of Teamleader CRM indicates that is thought for individuals as well as small and middle-sized businesses, and it actually offers different kinds of tools, features, and indications for various branches of work like digital, marketing, or creative agencies as well as construction, maintenance, and informatics enterprises.

What is CRM?

The term CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it can be interpreted in different ways, but the most accepted one is just as its name says, the management of a business or brand with its clients. The CRM model consists of a marketing strategy that analyzes customers to offer them a better service and experience.

How much does Teamleader cost?

Teamleader posseses three subscription plans with different prices depending on the needs of the customer, these are : Teamleader GO: € 50,-/month for 2 users, € 25,-/month for each additional user, Teamleader MOVE: € 60,-/month for 2 users, € 30,-/month for each additional user, Teamleader BOOST: € 80,-/month for 2 users, € 40,-/month for each additional user.

Is Teamleader easy to use?

Teamleader is easy to use, which means that it can be easily integrated as in-house software, allowing you to be up and running in just a few hours. Teamleader helps you save time, allowing you to be better organized, to collaborate efficiently with your team, to manage your company, and ultimately to grow your business.

What are the features of Teamleader?

Teamleader helps its users to improve their CRM using five main features These main features are client management, budget pacification, projects management, time measuring, and bill creation. And it also offers other smaller ones like the creation of reports, keeping track of profits data, shared calendar, custom fields, and a central inbox.

Teamleader CRM

Teamleader is used by more than 11,000 SMEs and offers customer management and project management in one tool. Invoicing is also included as part of Teamleader, making it faster to go from nurturing and closing a lead to payment.

Teamleader’s robust features are strengthened by 200+ apps and programs, allowing for no cutting and pasting. You can use the same tools your team is trained in and working with to improve sales and productivity.

The CRM features:

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Customer Management

Customer management is a key feature of every CRM. Teamleader breaks its platform into modules, with customer management offering:

When you manage all of your customers in one easy platform, it’s much easier to manage your projects, too. 

Project Management

Projects are quick to create and go right until the invoice stage of the project. When you create a project, you’re able to define deadlines, group tasks and deliver projects on time. The project module includes:

In-depth project management allows team leaders and members to have more control over the sales process. Save time, stay organized and send out an invoice when the project is finished. 

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Invoicing can be done right inside of the platform. You can send one-time or recurring invoices quickly from inside of Teamleader. There are also options to create bulk invoices, request money in multiple currencies and even link up to your accounting software.

Flexible invoicing can be based on project quotations.

You can add rates for each employee and task, too. Credit notes can be attached to the invoice for a better understanding of how a client’s credit is and what terms to offer.

The entire sales process can be created in Teamleader, including the ability to draw up quotations. Users can:

Teamleader comes with a two-week free trial that allows you to give the platform a try before committing.

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