Get organized with an all-in-one workspace for your entire team and company. Notion will help you with organizing your projects, docs, notes, tasks, wiki..

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Tool FAQ

What is Notion used for?

Is Notion for free?

Yes, Notion is free to use indefinitely. The Personal plan is completely free for individual use. The Team plan has a free trial with a 1,000 block limit, more than enough to try out Notion with your team before upgrading.

Is Notion safe?

The application uses TLS everywhere and states that the data is encrypted at rest and in transit. However, the application does not use “end to end encrypted”; therefore, it is not secure.

Does notion sell your data?

No, Notion does not sell user data.

Is Notion better than Evernote?

It is more flexible, appeals to a broader range of use cases, and offers users more integrations with the tools they are already using. Evernote certainly outperforms Notion in some areas such as note-taking. But generally, Notion offers virtually all the same functionalities.

Is Notion difficult to use?

Notion is very easy to understand once you have spent a few minutes with it. Then, from there, you can really be cruising with it and building notes and projects in no time

Notion Features

Notion offers an all-in-one workspace for the entire team. You can use Notion for writing, planning and organizing your tasks. Built to empower, some of the largest companies in the world use the tool for everything from product creation to engineering, including Pixar, Verizon, Nike and IBM.

Three key features behind this tool, include:

Team Wiki

Team wikis are one of the most powerful, robust offerings from Notion. The team wiki aims to put your central knowledge base in one tool. The wiki acts as a workspace with headers and sections that team members can quickly access.

Managers can create multiple workspaces that are controlled with Notion’s drag and drop design. You can drag and drop elements into the wiki and rearrange it in a way that best makes sense for your team.

Simple to edit, you can add elements with ease, including:

Nested pages allow for wikis to be put into categories that make logical sense to teams. While a lot of wiki platforms do not allow collaboration, Notion is designed to invite engagement.

Advanced permissions are available that allow teams to grow with the platform. Permissions can include:

Set the level of access to the wiki when inviting others to view the pages. Comments and mentions can be added to the wiki to notify users of changes or to ask them to clarify the information that you’ve added or edited.

Project and Tasks

Wikis are part of the powerful tools being offered, but projects and tasks offer even more control. You can use projects and tasks to:

You can set up tasks and set statuses for each tab. You can create lists for items that you have not started yet or set statuses for work that is in progress. Add members to these tasks and set tasks for each project using roadmaps.

Drag and drop functionality, filtering, grouping and sorting are available. It’s quick and easy to add or remove tasks on your roadmap.

Customize the entire roadmap with the ability to add your own property, too. Roadmaps can also include several settings, such as:

Multiple database views are present, allowing you to filter by properties or view data as:

Team leaders and managers can further track tasks using in-depth filter options. Toggle tasks quickly to keep track of your team’s progress.

Smart notifications and real-time collaboration keep everyone on your team or in your company on the same page.

All databases are safe and secure due to SSL technology. The databases you create are all encrypted, and any data stored on the cloud is behind a VPC. Audits on the tool’s security are conducted every quarter by independent companies.

Notes and Docs

Collaboration relies heavily on the notes and documents that teams make. The Notion platform allows for rapid note taking with an editor that focuses on keeping the concentration of the user.

Simply just start typing and the rest of the elements fade away for amplified concentration.

Multiple tools and features, include:

Collaboration allows teams to work on documents together to accomplish more. Notes can be personal and kept only to the user. You also have the option to share notes with others and create inline comments, too. Notes can be shared with team members or anyone online.

Publish notes to the web to keep people interested in your product or service. The drag-and-drop function allows you to make full posts or pages and publish with the tap of a button.

Meeting notes can also be captured with robust tagging that makes referring to the notes in the future simple and easy. With notes and documents built into the platform, it’s possible for teams to get more done on one simple platform.

Notion pages become even more powerful with the embedding options available. You can embed 50+ other apps right into your Notion pages. These apps include Google Docs and Sheets, Twitter, Github Gist, CodePen, Typeform and dozens of others.

You can use this tool on numerous platforms, including:

Startups, students, educators, teams and enterprises can use Notion as a powerful tool to stay organized, map out projects and collaborate with others.

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