A ready to go landing page builder which will help you to increase conversion and generate more leads when creating new landing pages.

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Instapage Features

Digital marketing involves more than simply instigating an email campaign or placing ads, and to get it right requires a lot of thought and effort. Your website needs to be up to scratch and provide the information and experience that will engage your visitors and increase lead conversion.

Instapage is one of many page builder packages that are designed to make life easier for small to medium businesses and enables you to create, easily, beautiful, and professional-standard pages. It offers a range of functions that are useful and innovative.

Instapage is easy to use and simple to set up and has a number of features that may be of interest, so let’s talk about how it can work for you and then have a look at the features it includes.

How Instapage Works

Instapage is big on landing pages, which can be thought of as the ‘first impressions’ of the website world. You need your visitors to be instantly grabbed by an impressive landing page, and that’s what this package is designed to help with.

The Instapage package is sensibly priced in what is a competitive market and comes with all the features you would expect from a page building package, yet with its own way of doing things. Following is our summary of the most important parts of the Instapage software package, so you can make up your mind if it is right for you.

Landing Pages

Instapage has six main areas of interest, with this perhaps being the most important. The Instapage landing pages feature allows you to build pages that are on-message with your campaigns. You can do so quickly and easily and without the need for any coding experience. Pages are mobile-friendly – a must in the current era of hand-held devices – and use a clever editor that is simple to learn to use. Having prospects arrive at a landing page is proven to be more effective than a home page, as they are already where they want to be.

Ad Personalization

By tailoring landing pages and ads to specific target prospects you are streamlining your marketing to a high degree. This means leads are more likely to be relevant to the page they land on, and hence more likely to convert. By tracking metrics and data analysis you can create the right pages at the right time, and this in turn will increase your lead conversion rates. See here different Ad platforms.

Optimised Pages

An example of the detail that Instapage has gone to in delivering an effective package is displayed in the fact you can experiment with optimisation on landing pages. By accessing heatmaps and other data, you can ensure that each page will be more susceptible to conversions with very little effort. This is a clever touch that takes post-click customer engagement a step further than many packages do.

Rapid Page Speed

Consumers want to be on the page instantly and ready to go, and one area of Instapage that helps you do this is the use of back-end rendering technology that ensures pages launch very quickly. Slow loading pages are among the most common cause of lost conversions, and we’re talking about a mere few seconds. This feature of Instapage is a welcome one that will deliver great results.

Instant Collaboration

The online, real time collaboration tools that operate within Instapage allow you to communicate with your team as things develop, so everyone is aware of the stage that pages are at and of new developments. It can also be used to communicate with specified third party users, and is a very versatile part of the Instapage tool.

Instapage also offers excellent ad creation features and comes with many more functions that will be of use to businesses that need to create professional-style pages in house, without the necessary expertise that comes with coding. What do we think of Instapage overall?


As Instapage can be integrated with many other platforms including social media giants such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Twitter Ads and many more it is clear the developers have covered all the bases. It can also be integrated with the popular CRM packages, and the likes of Shopify and other eCommerce platforms.

As a versatile, easy to use and fully integrated page builder its fair to say that Instapage looks to be up there with the very best. It’s not expensive when its many features and functions are considered, and it does a lot more than some other packages that we have looked at in this are of online marketing.

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