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There are many tools which can help you to organize, plan, grow, analyze social media. Become consistent and grow your business via social media.

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Grow your business using Social Media

If you are still asking yourself the question; "should I use Social Media for my business?" The answer is 99.9%; YES. Turning around the question could help you to get the answer: Are you prospects/clients using social media? Here the answer is often yes as well. It is a great way to interact with your clients and prospects and when done right it will help you to grow your business.

Often Social Media isn't been used because of the lack of time, or simply not knowing what to post. Luckily there are tools which can help you with all the problems you are having, with these you can start posting and using trial and error method you will find the right way to go forward. See below the best social media tools per topic they can help you with.

How to create good Social Media Content

One of the biggest challenges a lot of companies struggle with is how to create (consistent) good content. People are not waiting for your sales pitch every week. They don't also need to know every week you are attending another event somewhere in the world. They actually want to get value out of your content. The big question would be for you; when I providing value? This something different for every company off-course but than again not. Aks yourself the following questions:

  • What are the problems your target audience are experiencing?
  • What is your target audience looking for?
  • What are the trends in your market?
  • What are your thoughts on certain topic?

If you start asking yourself the questions above you probably are able already to create some content. If not, no worries, we got you covered as well. See here some tools where you can get inspiration:

Get input for Social Media content

  • Quora; You can see exactly if a lot of people are struggling with something specific
  • Quuu; They will provide you with content to share
  • UberSuggest: Get content ideas based on keywords

What are the best social media planning tools?

Being consistent on social media is important but also very hard. By planning you messages all at once for a certain period you are able to become consistent, plus you can actually start working with a content calendar. Your posts won't be all one-off posts but can be part of a greater story you want to tell. We have selected the best planning tools for you:

  • FB Creator Studio; free planning tool for Facebook & Instagram
  • Hootsuite; plan all your social posts using one tool

Looking for more growth hacking tools for social media? See the Growth Hacking tools


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