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Do you want to know how a website is built? For Lead generation, Sales Intelligence or information about their Market Share. Try out BuiltWith.

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Built With solutions

Find out what websites are built with plus what kind of programs they have running on their site. What can you use this data for?

Lead generation

Build lists of websites who are using your competitor and start ABM campaigns on them. With Built With you can see exactly which software companies are using, this will open up great ways for lead generation for your business. You can filter the companies based on location, website traffic, verticals and more. Built With has information from more than 38k web technologies used and is tracking a billion websites.

Sales Intelligence

Know your prospect before you talk to them. Know what kind of software they are already using and adjust your conversation based on it. Get a competitive edge with the help of Built With. How?

Before jumping on a call, you can see exactly which paid technologies your prospect is already running on their website. Understand their technology landscape before making the call.

Find out if a technology partner is growing, how fast and what their market share is. Create lists of sites to see movements in market share across any period. Find out more about the churn rate of a competitor.

Market Share

Get access to market analysis data, including detailed reporting. As Built With is tracking soo many domains, they are able to give you accurate market share information. 

Historical Usage trends. Track the rise and fall of specific technologies and compare it to competitors. You can track website technologies from the last 13+ years. 

Track market changes and evolvement of technologies being used. Track movement of customers between web technologies.

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