Resolve customer issues faster with Freshdesk. With their intuitive software, your team can respond quickly to any interaction.

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+ Easy to use, Fresh look and good user interface
+ Power of reporting
+ Good support from their team


- If you want a lot of features you will be pushed to the biggest plan
- To become the best they would need to do some updates on their integrations


Collaborate within your customer service team with the help of FreshDesk shared inbox
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Tool FAQ

What is FreshDesk?

What is FreshDesk used for?

FreshDesk can be used by big and smaller brands and its main purpose is to support the personal with automated features that will help to give a better service in terms of organization and communication, It does so by offering Data analysis, Tickering solutions, Productivity Automationns and more.

How to use FreshDesk?

This tool is pretty easy and comprehesive to use because it offers a friendly interface that can be tailored to suit a brand or company’s individual needs. Some of the ways it can be used like are as customer Data base to get information and profiles if the public and as an All channel support.

How much does FreshDesk cost?

FreshDesk offers different plans with different prices and features for differente needs. It counts with a free plan called Sprout and a free trial, its actual pricing goes from $15 and $35 per month for the Blossom and Garden plans, to $49 and $99 for Estate and Forest plans, the Forest one being the most popular.

What is a service desk?

The service desk of a brand can be defined as the point where the IT organization and the bussiness work in all the service requests, incidents reports and resolutions of customers. It is also meant to create a data base of all this information and offer solutions to users that want to resolve incidents quickly.

What is the FreshDesk Ticketing System?

FreshDesk counts with a Ticketing System as one of its features, this works by helping the brand to prioritize, categorize and assign tickets to the right agents, so these can easily stay on top of all tickets and be easier to work with when collaborating with teammates to resolve customer issues.

Freshdesk Features

Giving your customers the support they expect and deserve is an essential part of any business, whether online or on the high street. In the digital eCommerce world it can be difficult to keep up with the ongoing enquiries, orders, leads and other communications that are part of your everyday operation.

For growing companies, this can be a problem as resources from within the company are directed away from where they should be to deal with problems that crop up. This could be offering customer support, answering queries, or scheduling work with agents. There are many companies offering solutions that are designed to enhance your productivity.

Freshdesk is a comprehensive package that provides you with support in many areas of a growing business, allowing you and your team to concentrate on what you are best at doing. Before we discuss the features, here’s more about how Freshdesk works.

How Freshdesk Works

Freshdesk combined actual personal support with automated features to help give users a broader reach in terms of organisation, communication, and engagement with consumers. By way of handling several aspects such as ticketing, communication, field service and more Freshdesk can help streamline your day to day operations and ensure better organisation leading to greater productivity.

Part of the Freshworks family of tools and solutions, Freshdesk is easy to use and comprehensive, and can be tailored to suit your individual needs. It’s also sensibly priced in what is a competitive market. Let’s run through some of the solutions that Freshdesk offers.

Ticketing Solutions

Freshdesk has many benefits in terms of ticketing, including bringing everything together in one inbox and enabling allocation of tickets to the right agents seamlessly. This in turn prevents agents from working on the same ticket mistakenly. It can also stop repetition, by not allowing a second automated response when customers in turn respond to a thank you message. These are just a couple of features in what is a comprehensive area of Freshdesk.


The Freshdesk package is big on collaboration, with the ability to handle group discussions to thrash out problems, and to link related tickets so that things can be actioned more efficiently. It can also be used to handle shared ownership of tickets, with the emphasis being on keeping things visible at all times. This is another area in which productivity can be ably enhanced with the use of the Freshdesk features.

All-Channel Support

The modern business uses many different channels for communication, marketing, and other business. Freshdesk can help by offering support with email – it will convert mail into tickets in your helpdesk, for instance – plus is also offers a live chat function for customer support and engagement. In addition, you can set up a telephone call centre, integrate social media across the board and allow customers to raise tickets via your website, or using WhatsApp.

Productivity Automations

Freshdesk has a few features that are based around automation, including the ability to assign tickets ‘intelligently’ based on keywords or workload and more. It can also trigger actions on tickets based on events – say a customer responding or placing an order – and when needed will notify agents of changes to the ticket, new tickets, or other information. The automation ability of Freshdesk also extends to automated responses and suggestions, a chat bot is available, and there are many more features to explore in a well thought out area of the package.

Data Analysis

So that you can keep an eye on how your agents and other areas of the business are performing, Freshdesk includes a series of customisable reporting and analytics options. These include customer satisfaction reports, helpdesk monitoring, and many specially tailored reports that you can specify. Each is created using the simple dashboard function.

The above should give you a good idea of what Freshdesk is all about, and how it can help your business in terms of increased productivity. What do we think of it overall?


Freshdesk is a very good – and comprehensive – example of a streamlining tool that will help you organise all your business communications in a way that should cut back on time spent where it should not be. The clever integration of ticket raising, customer care and other areas makes it a worthwhile choice if you have a growing business that needs extra help, but you do not want to employ more personnel. It’s easy to use, effective and from a company that is well-known in the field, so is certainly one for the shortlist.

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