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Customer Support is becoming a huge differentiator for prospects to choose a company to do business with. It is a part of the business which has changed a lot over the last years; people want to get in contact with companies in different ways. Currently, you will see companies offering Customer Support via chat, phone, email, WhatsApp, Social Media and other channels. With customer support, it is important to be where your clients are plus become pro-active.

Customer Support vs Customer Success

Above you will see tools listed for both job titles, functions, departments or however you call it in your organisation. Doing Customer Support often requires you to to give quicker responses and it more reactive where Customer Success is more considered pro-active.

Customer Support tools are tools like chat, ticketing systems and any other systems where all the communication comes into one place. When doing Support you are dealing with multiple questions and communication channels at once which means you will need a tool which makes your life easier. Having great Customer Support will help you to drive up conversions anywhere in the funnel, from visitor to trial, or from paid to upgrade.

Customer Success tools are as mentioned more towards the pro-active part of your customer base. Sending them a message at the right time for example, or giving you an alert when usage from your product is decreasing. Customer Success is fully focussed on making sure your customers stay active, engaged, satisfied and get ROI out of your product. This can mean something else for every organisation.

Communication tools

In our new digital world meetings are taking more place online, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Tools like Zoom and LiveStorm have seen an high increase in users when the pandemic hit the world. Online meetings are a great way to keep in touch with your customers and also with your colleagues.


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