Bring your advertising performance data and Google Analytics data to your favourite reporting tool without writing one line of code.

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+ No coding required; drag and drop interface

+ Combine your GA and your advertising data

+ High reliability of data delivery


- No free plan

- Some integrations start at higher packages


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Cervinodata product description

Easy tool to get your advertisement and e-commerce data into into Google Data Studio, Klipfolio, GoogleBigQuery and your application. A true no coding experience. Combine different Google Analytics views or any other views into one dashboard.

Drag-drop interface

Building advanced queries for Google BigQuery made simple. With Cervinodata you are able to use an easy drag-drop system to combine all the data you want. You can group specific campaigns together so you can report on all your campaigns separately.

What normally was available with the help of developer (or your own coding skills) is not accessible to all marketers. Get more out of your marketing data.

Send data in Cervinodata to Multiple destinations

Once you pulled the data in from the different sources into Cervinodata you can send it to multiple destinations. You can send your data to Google Data Studio, Klipfolio or GoogleBigQuery. Getting your marketing data to other platforms is very easy and comes with extra benefits. Cervinodata will store your marketing data so you will not lose anything if something goes wrong. Send your marketing data with ease to other platform with extra benefits.

Get alerts when access is denied

As a marketer you know how frustrated it is when somebody else revokes access to a data-source and you only find out a week later that data has not been collected for days. Cervinodata sends an email when access is revoked. And automatically picks up where it left off once the connection is restored. This way you will never have incomplete marketing dashboards again and are always on top of things.

Integration with your favourite advertising platforms: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and more.

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