Ubersuggest vs SEMrush: Comparison, Pricing and Features 2020

September 1, 2020
A full comparison between Ubersuggest and SEMrush

In this post we will be comparing Ubersuggest vs SEMrush, two of the most popular SEO tools available online today. After reading this post you will be able to make the decision about which tool is a better fit for your line of work. 

We will analyze popular features offered by each tool and how they vary amongst each other in functionality, features, capability and pricing. 

After that we will finish by listing some of the main differences between the two tools and sharing which tool we think is the better one. 

Ubersuggest Features

Like most SEO tools that are available online, Ubersuggest has quite an extensive list of free options that are available to users that can help them perform basic level SEO analysis. Some of the most popular features offered by Ubersuggest are outlined below.


get a clear seo domain overview with Ubersuggest

The domain overview tool allows you to analyze your own domain to see how it’s currently performing. You can also use the domain overview tool to gain insights into your competitors strategies that are helping them drive traffic to their website. It allows you to see what your competitors is doing correctly that is helping them 

Conclusion: The domain overview tool by Ubersuggest provides a basic level view into the amount of keywords a domain ranks for along with the estimated monthly traffic generated by those keywords. It’s good for a basic overview of a domain, but doesn’t provide deeper insight.

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See what your top performing pages ore on SEO

The top SEO pages report can help you discover which of your competitors pages are ranking high for popular organic keywords that have high traffic amounts. This can help you see the type of content you have to create to receive high amounts of traffic.

Conclusion: This is a very good feature so you can see more information about the exact pages used by your competitors to drive traffic. You can even see information about the exact keywords that generate the traffic along with their position in Google. If that wasn’t enough you can also see where they are getting their backlinks. This is a great, high value feature of Ubersuggest. 


See what your top performing keywords are per country

The keyword suggestion tool can help you find the best main terms to target along with long-tail phrases that are much lower competition and easier to rank for. You can see the keyword volume trends, cost per click, ranking difficulty and SEO level difficulty. 

Conclusion: This is a great piece of the tool that can help you see what keywords are working well for you competitors and what keywords you should be avoiding. It doesn’t go in depth as other tools do, but it can help you make basic level keyword decisions. 

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Get new content ideas based on a keyword within Ubersuggest

The content ideas section of Ubersuggest can show you top ranking pages for a particular keyword of your interest. It allows you to get an idea of how many visitors a certain webpage for a target keyword brings in every month along with the backlink profile.

Conclusion: This is a great way to get ideas on the right type of content to create for your website which can bring you solid traffic. The downfall is that the accuracy of this section isn’t extremely reliable because it doesn’t accurately take into account the changes in the traffic of those pages.


Get backlink insights with Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest allows you to see quite a bit of extensive data on the backlink structure of a website. You can see how many backlinks the website has gotten over time and how many it has lost. This is extremely valuable in helping you gain an idea of where you can find valuable places to get links from. 

You can actually see how the backlinks are structured in the content that the website is getting it from. 

See exactly what kind of backlinks you have to your site

Certain types of links will carry more SEO juice and this can help you decide how you want to target your backlinks. On top of that, you can see the exact anchor text that they are targeting and the first time the link was discovered.

Conclusion: The backlink tool provides very good data on the backlink profile of a website along with plenty of other valuable backlink targeting data that can help you find out how your competitors are structuring their link building profiles. 


Perform a site audit with Ubersuggest

If all that wasn’t enough, Ubersuggest even allows you to run a full site audit and truly analyze every component of your website to make sure it’s healthy and well structured. 

If the site audit has found any issues on your website it will list them out for you along with the SEO impact it has on your website.

See your top SEO issues quickly and based on difficulty and seo impact

Conclusion: The site audit tool is very good in helping you find SEO and website related issues that could be hurting your ranking. Where this tool could see some improvement is to show you how these issues impact your websites ranking. 

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For the most part users can get away with using Ubersuggest 100% for free. If you want more advanced options such as training and support, rank tracking, competitive analysis and building custom keyword and SEO projects the paid version is much more suitable for you. 

Below are the main pricing options for Ubersuggest. 

Overview of Ubersuggest pricing, they don't have a free plan anymore

All things considered the pricing is pretty low and fair if you are just getting started with SEO. The only part is that their individual plan limits you to a max of 3 projects per day which is much higher with other SEO tools.

If you want to find out more detailed information about Ubersuggest, check out our full detailed guide below on all of its capabilities and functions.

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Now let's move onto SEMrush.

SEMrush Features

Semrush is an absolute beast of a tool when compared to Ubersuggest.

It offers a wide range of tools to help you manage all components of running and growing a successful website. SEMrush is broken down into 5 main levels of individual toolkits. 

  • SEO Toolkit
  • Advertising Toolkit
  • Social Media Toolkit
  • Content Marketing Toolkit
  • Competitive Research Toolkit

Each of these toolkits have their own individual components which allow you to drill down deep in analysis in order to help you gain an edge over your competitors. You can spend hours upon hours analyzing data due to all the features and functions that are available through SEMrush. 

You can even create your own custom SEO dashboard to fit your needs. Since Ubersuggest doesn’t even offer half of the other tools that are available through SEMrush let’s take a look at some of the functionalities behind it’s SEO Toolkit.

SEMrush SEO Toolkit: 

The SEO toolkit allows you to perform a very extensive SEO analysis on a website of your choice. Below are some of the main features inside the SEO toolkit.

  • Competitive Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • On Page and Technical SEO
  • Project Management and Reports


SEMrush Competitive Research 

Get domain insights with SEMrush and how you score on all important SEO metrics

The competitive research section begins with a high level overview of a domain over your choice. It offers a much more robust and visually pleasing dashboard than Ubersuggest.

It allows you to see websites that are direct competitors of the one you are analyzing and even creates a competitive positioning map so you can gain an idea of where each website stands in terms of ranking visually. 

See your competitors and top performing keywords easily with SEMrush

This is just scratching the surface. 

You can see a  direct breakdown in the same dashboard of the backlink profile of a website with data that isn’t available by Ubersuggest such as the percentage of backlink types. 

See with SEMrush exactly what kind of backlinks you have, where they are and the different types

This allows you to see the backlink diversity structure of websites and how effective it is for competitors. It’s essentially a full scale breakdown of how a website runs its backlink strategy. 

Two interesting tools offered by SEmrush that are not available by Ubersuggest is their Keyword Gap tool and the Backlink Gap tool.

These tools make it possible to find keywords and backlinks you are missing out on that can help you drive traffic and improve your ranking. They are extremely valuable if you know how to use them. 

Click here to learn more about the Keyword Gap Tool
Click here to learn more about the Backlink Gap Tool

Conclusion: The SEMrush Competitive Research section is very comprehensive and it requires you to have at least basic level SEO knowledge in order to effectively use it. It’s very comprehensive but can be time consuming if you are just getting started. It can help give you a serious edge over you competition when performing keyword and backlink analysis.

SEMrush Keyword Research 

Get all the insights you need on any keyword with SEMrush, great way to start improving your SEO

The keyword research component of SEMrush is extremely robust and detailed. You can analyze every component of a keyword in order to help determine whether or not you should target it. This includes:

  • Search volume
  • Keyword difficulty rating
  • Cost per click
  • Global volume,
  • Unique keyword SERP features

It allows you to also generate a unique list of ideas for keyword variations, questions and other related keywords to your main keyword. 

Another very valuable element of the SEMrush keyword research process is the keyword magic tool. It offers you access to a massive database of keywords in order to help you pinpoint the most effective keyword for your content. 

The keyword magic tool is incredibly useful in helping you explore niche topics, and long tail keywords that can help you rank quickly. This tool is much more advanced than the keyword research section that is featured with Ubersuggest.

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If you want to take your keyword research to the next level, SEMrush allows you to do so with their keyword manager which is only available with their paid subscription option. It allows you to perform deep keyword analysis on over 1,000 keywords and track them. 

Conclusion: The SEMrush keyword research allows you to gain a deeper understanding behind the true value of a keyword and also find the right keywords to target. You can also analyze keyword variations and questions in order to find even better keywords to target. On top of that you can even get an idea of the advertising value behind keywords if you plan on doing paid ads. 

SEMrush Link Building 

Get to know which new backlinks your domain has or lost with the SEMrush backlink checker

The link building section tool inside SEMrush allows you to analyze the full backlink profile of a website down to the exact anchor that is used. This is a component that Ubersuggest lacks and could use some improvement. With the link building tool in SEMrush you can see: 

  • Amount of backlinks pointing to your chosen domain
  • Referring domains
  • Unique Referring IP’s
  • Breakdown of the backlink types
  • Different link attributes 
  • Top anchors used

Although some of these features are available inside Ubersuggest, you can't dive deep into them like you can with SEMrush.

SEMrush also allows you to perform a full scale backlink audit which isn’t fully available with Ubersuggest. The backlink audit tool is valuable because it can help you look at your domains backlink profile in order to help you avoid any toxic backlinks coming back to your website.

Conclusion: The backlink analytics and tools offered by SEMrush are extremely valuable because they offered unparalleled analysis and they also integrate with the Google Search Console and Google Analytics to give you truly up to date and accurate data. Integrating Google Analytics or the Google Search Console is not possible within Ubersuggest, so you can’t fully trust all the data you see there. 

SEMrush Rank Tracking and Site Audits

Keep track of your site with SEMrusk Rank tracking

In order to grow your website's audience and traffic it’s extremely important to track your rankings and perform regular site audits to make sure your website remains in top shape. Tracking how your website ranks for a set of keywords is important if you want to rank for high competition keywords. 

You can see what kind of impact changes in your backlink profile or content have on the position of your website pages. You can also track your competitors and see what you need to do in order to bump them out of their ranking. 

You should also perform periodic website audits in order to ensure your website is well optimized for on-page and off-page SEO. Check out our full guide on how to perform a SEO website audit. 

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SEMrush Pricing

Semrush tends to be more expensive when compared to Ubersuggest and you can clearly see why. It is much more elaborate and it has extensive capabilities which are not available through Ubersuggest. 

Below are the different pricing packages offered through SEMrush. 

An overview of SEMrush pricing model, monthly pricing

UberSuggest and SEMrush Comparison Breakdown 

Both of these tools are very capable in helping you improve your overall understanding and implementation of SEO. If you are just getting started in SEO, Ubersuggest might be the better and more modest option for you

If you are experienced in SEO and want to take your expertise to the next level SEMrush is the better option. 

UberSuggest and SEMrush Feature Breakdown

  • Ubersuggest features allow you to perform the most basic level SEO, backlink and website audit analysis
  • Ubersuggest lacks some of the the more in depth features for more extensive SEO such as the backlink gap and keyword gap analysis offered through SEMrush
  • SEMrush features much more dynamic and customizable SEO dashboards to give you a truly custom feel
  • SEMrush features more comprehensive backlink analysis, but Ubersuggest still offers plenty of insight into the backlink profile of a website to help give you an accurate assessment
  • SEMrush offers the ability to track the position ranking of pages and keywords while this feature is not offered within Ubersuggest
  • SEMrush also allows you to perform deep scale backlink and website analysis that can help you find any issues with your website and its associated backlinks. The site audit features in Ubersuggest are very basic, but effective if you are a beginner.

UberSuggest and SEMrush Pricing Breakdown

You can get away with using most of the features of Ubersuggest 100% for free. This can be good if you are a beginner and don’t want to spend the money. Even their paid version is cost friendly.

Ubersuggest Pricing Ranges = $29 - $99 per month

SEMrush leans more on the expensive side, but it’s completely worth it in our opinion. You can use it’s free version but you are limited to a maximum of 10 queries per day. 

SEMrush Pricing Ranges = $99 - $399 per month

UberSuggest and SEMrush Final Choice

As previously mentioned, both of these tools can help you improve your knowledge and understanding of SEO. 

But the overall better SEO tool is SEMrush

The full suite of all of its products and tools are extremely valuable both to individuals and business owners.

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