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What Qualities Make A Good Sales Rep?

May 25, 2021

There are countless salespersons you can meet, but a good one is hard to come by. For a recruiter or sales manager, one of the biggest challenges they consistently face is finding the right sales representative or ‘sales rep’ to join their team. No matter how driven or goal-oriented a sales manager is, the success of their team will still partly depend on the sales reps that make up the whole team. 

Assessing a sales rep’s talents is an important step in the recruitment process. There are standard qualities that you should look for if you want to get the best people for your team. It’s more than just the ability of the salesperson to hit their quotas—you’ll want to hire someone who possesses not just the qualifications but also the right attitude that best compliments your team and company as a whole. 

Ask any good sales rep what their secret is and they’ll tell you that there’s none. The truth is, there’s no magic or secret about being good in sales. What they do have though, are simple yet solid traits that when combined would make sales pitching smoother than silk. 

So, what qualities make a good sales rep, really? If you’re wondering about the top qualities that you should look for when recruiting more salespersons for your team, check this out:

They're Not Just Competent, They’re Competitive Too

Successful sales reps aren’t easily satisfied with just being better at what they do, they want to be the best. Being competent means having the right skills, while competitive people are most likely to win and lead.  Imagine what the result can be when you hire a sales rep who’s not only competent but also competitive. A sales rep like that won’t easily lose to a challenge and they’ll do everything they can to hit their sales target.

A little competition never hurts, and that’s something you should consider when hiring a sales rep. When you recruit a sales rep who’s thirsty for competition, chances are their numbers will be pretty impressive. Some may think that being competitive is a bit overboard and kind of bordering towards jealousy but it’s entirely different when the competition is healthy. You want your sales rep to be always up for healthy competition and ready to go the extra mile to win over competitors.

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They Know When To Be Assertive

Assertiveness is a trait that usually refers to communication and social skills. Being assertive is when you’re able to stand up for your right in a positive way. This means you can express and stay firm on your stand without being confrontational or aggressive. A good salesperson should be assertive, especially in the field. Once they’ve mastered assertiveness in selling, they’ll be clear with how they feel about the product they’re selling. As a result, they’ll be more confident and straightforward when dealing with competitors and customers alike.

Assertive sales reps are not always about confidence and straightforwardness. They know what they want to accomplish and yet they’re also respectful of the needs and feelings of others. With this quality, a good sales rep can assertively negotiate and come up with terms that are acceptable for both sides.

They’re Passionate At Work

Having the passion for what you do is always good quality, even in sales. You may be satisfied with the performance of a highly skilled sales rep but when they don’t have the passion for their profession, they’ll likely feel like everything’s a chore, which may eventually burn them out. 

A passionate sales rep won’t just work to meet their quota—they’ll work harder to accomplish bigger things. They’re also most likely to build longer-lasting relationships with colleagues because they love what they do and they’re happy at their workplace.

Clients and customers also feel it when your sales representatives are passionate about what they do because it shows in their words and actions. They don’t just sell your products; they also go out of their way to know your target market so they can direct a more tailored sales approach. Hold on to sales reps who are passionate because they’re set on making an impact on people’s lives.

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They’re Naturally Empathetic

A good sales rep is naturally empathetic. They can relate to what a customer feels and through that, they can tell what that customer wants or needs. Empathy isn’t something a good sales rep can learn overnight, but it’s not impossible to master especially if you have compassion for others. In sales, it’s not enough to know what your customer wants or needs. You should also be a good listener to know what other people feel and how their feelings may affect their judgment towards a sale.

A good sales rep will know how it’s like to be in other people’s shoes without any ulterior motive or judgment. As a recruiter, you should look for a sales rep who can be empathetic towards others. When they’re able to do that, it also means that they know how to respect others’ feelings, including your clients, colleagues, and even competitors.

They’re A Multitasker

Sales is not for the faint of heart, and most definitely not for those who can’t work under pressure. As such, a good salesperson must be able to multitask at any given time. While others link multitasking to messed-up work and the tendency to be easily distracted, it’s not always the case especially when it comes to sales. 

A successful sales rep can juggle multiple tasks at hand and still be on top of them all. Some of these tasks can include any or all of the following:

  • Making and answering phone calls
  • Checking and answering their emails
  • Creating a lead generation plan
  • Preparing reports on a weekly and monthly basis

Hiring a sales rep who’s good at multitasking has its advantages and disadvantages. To make sure they can still be effective in what they do as they juggle various tasks, make it a point to monitor them and always remind them what to prioritize.

Salesreps written out with blocks.

They’re Contagiously Confident

A confident sales rep is highly contagious. Even when potential customers lack confidence as they process the negotiation, your sales rep’s confidence will lead the way for them. Nobody will trust a sales rep who’s not confident enough about the product or service that they’re offering. 

It’s very common for recruiters to test an applicant’s confidence by asking them how to sell a particular item upon interview. In this particular case, it’s obvious that a recruiter isn’t really concerned about the skills of the applicant, but more about their confidence in stepping forward to do the task that’s being asked of them.

You can’t expect a salesperson to sell something well when they’re not sure about themselves, more so, when they’re not sure about what they’re selling or offering to people.

They’re Optimistic, But Only To An Extent

Optimistic people are fun to be around, but not all the time. In sales, particularly, being overly optimistic isn’t a good thing. A good sales rep should be positive without bypassing different perspectives and what could happen when things don’t turn out exactly the way they want to.

You need to hire a sales rep who always hopes for the best and yet, always prepares for the worst. When they’re always prepared, it’s most likely because they exercise critical thinking and are being realistic while also considering both the big and small pictures.

They’re Tech-Savvy

Gone are days where traditional sales and marketing are the norms. Today, there are different methods and techniques that salespeople can utilize to maximize their sales. Technology is always evolving and a good sales rep should always be able to keep up with it. If you’re not up for it, you’ll fall behind and won’t probably achieve your goals as a salesperson.

Your sales team must be made up of sales reps who know their way around technology. With the changing trends in digital marketing and other internet-based marketing tools, you have to be skilled and competitive enough to remain afloat. Salespersons should also be familiar with gadgets and tools that they can effectively use to boost sales, such as their smartphone, laptop, and tablet.

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Hiring A Good Sales Rep

A good sales rep can be easily spotted with the help of the qualities listed above. You can use this list as your starting point as you hunt for the best sales reps to complete your team. Another good rule of thumb that you can follow is to hire someone for their attitude and not only because of their skills. Remember that you can teach someone how to sell but you can never make them learn how to be good people. 

It’s always best to give chance to sales reps who show the most promising result. When they’re disciplined, responsible, and respectful of others, there’s no doubt that they can ace anything in life and their career. 

Choosing the best salespeople for your team is crucial in determining the success of your goal. With the help of the right sales reps, you’ll be on your way to getting more deals and even exceed your sales targets. You’ll also play a critical role in honing and shaping them to be better salespeople. Train them well and give them a chance to shine on their own. Good sales reps can be born, but they’re best molded by a sales manager who’s equally passionate and driven to train, motivate, and lead them to success.

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