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If you are looking for new leads Who Knows will help you. With the four products, WhoKnows is able to help you source, nurture & convert leads.

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+ All-in one Lead Generation tool
+ Lead generation powered by AI
+ Helps you in the entire lead generation funnel


- Could be more expensive than other lead generation tools


Get to know a person and its knowledge before connecting via WhoKnows.
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Tool FAQ

What is Who Knows?

How much does Who Knows cost?

Who Knows has two payment plan with different features for their users. These are Recruiter Starting at $ 100.00 / month and the Prospector Starting at $ 100.00 /month.

Is Who Knows free?

Yes, Who Knows has a free version with limited features.

What is Who Knows' privacy philosophy?

The employee is always in control over how they appear to their peers and managers. This means nothing about the user can be seen unless they choose to publish it including any of their derived expertise. Who Knows is only concerned with work-related activity. An employee often has to handle personal matters while at work, but Who Knows ignores any activity that is not about work.

What is the best feature of Who Knows?

The best feature of Who Knows can be said to be training management, due to the fact that it facilitates training.

What are some alternatives to Who Knows?

Some alternative applications to Who Knows are BrainCert, XOR, and Rippling.

WhoKnows Features

Knowing about the latest trends, tools and apps in digital marketing is part of modern business. Any marketer or agency needs to be on top of their game if they are to get the best out of their budget, and that means looking for lead generation and marketing automation software that does the job.

WhoKnows is a package offering innovative and original lead generation solutions that are cleverly guided by AI. This is a unique approach that makes it a package that is certainly worthy of further investigation.

What WhoKnows offers is a set of tools and solutions that are aimed at direct marketing and target specific audiences, as well as providing accurate analytical tools for further streamlining of the marketing routine, so let’s have a look at how it works.

How WhoKnows Works

WhoKnows is designed around using artificial intelligence (AI) as a prospecting tool, and as such is an interesting choice. It uses AI to access a vast number of potential profiles, and from their helps build the various elements of the marketing funnel that will eventually convert leads into custom.

WhoKnows is not just a software package as users also get access to a team of email and telemarketing personnel, thus leveraging the use of an experienced team while not having to employ in-house. There is much more to what is an original package in a busy market, so let’s have a closer look at the features of WhoKnows.

WhoKnows ProspectR

One of the three main sectors of the WhoKnows package is ProspectR, which is the prospecting function. It works by way of more than 370million AI ‘machine-enriched’ profiles, and the selection of certain filters. The filters include industry type, company size and location, plus title or seniority, experience and names, and more. Select those you want, and the software does the job for you.

It will search for profiles that meet your targeting requirements and present you with accurate data, and there are various prices for different levels of engagement. By shortening the sales cycle, thanks to accurate targeting, WhoKnows saves money and increases turnover. There’s a lot to be said for investigating this area of WhoKnows further.

WhoKnows LeadR

The primary lead generation feature of WhoKnows is LeadR, which uses the AI functions to access the targeted leads with engaging and interactive communications that are designed to convert more quickly that you would usually expect. The WhoKnows team will also play a part as your remote marketing team, by way of tailored messaging and lead management, as well as consistent communication.

By including a team of personnel in the package, WhoKnows has clearly recognised that while AI and automation can be a highly effective method of marketing, the personal touch is still expected by many consumers. This area of the package also delivers detailed and accurate campaign analytics in real time which you can access from an easy to use dashboard.

WhoKnows CloseR

The third area of the WhoKnows package is CloseR, which is where your leads become conversions. Along with the automated element, this is where WhoKnows and its dedicated team comes to the fore. As a WhoKnows user, you will be allocated a WhoKnows Marketing Manager with whom you will work to create the sales playbook that your consumers want to follow. The team will handle all your email campaigns throughout the marketing strategy, and will take you on the journey from prospecting to closing expertly. This is a comprehensive service that is attractive to small or medium business that cannot afford the budget to employ a full-time team.

Is WhoKnows for you? The above should give you a good idea of what it’s about – and there is more if you want to research this package in detail – so here’s what we think overall.


WhoKnows differs from many of the lead generation and automated software packages in one major way – it is not entirely a software deal, as you are paying for the expert help of an experienced team of marketers, salespersons, and a manager for your strategy. Working alongside the clever AI systems that are used for prospecting, and that deliver accurate results, the presence of real people in this instance will be very welcome to smaller business who need advice and help in the world of marketing.

We will say that while WhoKnows is not the cheapest option in terms of lead generation and increased conversion rates, it is a cost-effective method of getting access to experience without having to employ in-house, and the prospecting tool is highly rated by users. WhoKnows is certainly worthy of a second look.

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