Talos Growth Review 2021

Growing a Linkedin company page can be hard and time-consuming. Not when you are using Talos Growth. Grow your Linkedin company profile on auto-pilot.

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Grow your linkedin company page with Talos Growth
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Tool FAQ

What is a Linkedin Company Page?

Should I create a Linkedin Company Page?

If you have a company the simple answer is; Yes. It is a great way to start building your brand, it also allows your employees to show to their network they are working at your company. All of this will build credibility for your business and new ways to showcase your business.

How much does a Linkedin Company page costs?

Creating a company page is free.

How to grow your followers on a Linkedin company page?

After you created a page you want to start growing the number of followers. We would first recommend inviting people to follow your page, you will need to start engaging with content. Talos Growth is able to do this on auto-pilot for you based on certain keywords.

How to create a Linkedin company page?

Creating a company page is easy. Go to the right upper corner of your Linkedin profile, click "work" and you will see the button: "Create a Company Page". After you can fill out all the details requested and you are done.

Is Linkedin automation allowed?

Automation goes against the terms of Linkedin and you might get blocked by doing this. We recommend putting in save thresholds and only engage with content that is relevant for your business.

The importance of social trust in marketing is something that no business can overlook. With competition rife in all sectors of the online market, businesses need to ensure they are gaining ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ across their social media platforms. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for marketing, yet it’s one that is often overlooked when planning a marketing routine.

How do you ensure you get relevant and constant adds and likes on LinkedIn? It takes a lot of time and effort to monitor your account and respond. That’s why we are going to tell you about Talos Growth, an interesting tool that effectively automates your LinkedIn company account.

What is Talos Growth? 

Talos Growth is a clever tool that is designed to grow the popularity and expand the reach of your LinkedIn page. This is a social media site that offers access to quality leads that are relevant, and Talos Growth makes it even more valuable by tailoring your posts to the right audience. It’s aimed at businesses in the process of growing that are looking for new leads and conversions and is sensibly priced as well as surprisingly effective. Let’s have a look at how Talos Growth works. 

How Does Talos Growth Work? 

The process begins by registering the company with Talos Growth. This is easily done at their website and takes no more than a few minutes. The detailed bit is where you specify keywords to look for in LinkedIn posts. These usually appear largely untargeted: what Talos Growth does is look for those that are relevant to your business. 

Let us explain more: when you set up your parameters you can specify a variety of things to look for in posts. For example, you can choose the country the post originates in, as well as the keywords you wish to search for. These could be anything from a product name to the type of business you want to like.

The difference between Talos Growth and many other marketing tools is that it automates you liking other posts on LinkedIn. The advantage here is that you can target those in certain industries, add a like, and they will add you to their LinkedIn page. It’s a clever way of automating searches and eliminating irrelevant links.

Parameters you can set depend upon the package you opt for – we’ll look at those towards the end of the article – but can also include languages as well as a range of advanced parameters with which you can specify words to exclude and other specific limitations. This is a powerful tool for a growing business. 

Reporting and Analysis

The Talos Growth Dashboard allows you to customise your reports and review who has been liked and returned one. You can also access in real time what Talos Growth is doing for you at that moment. This could be liking a post, searching, or any other function of the tool that may be underway. 

Unlike many marketing tools the Talos Growth approach is somewhat unique. It is aimed at creating actual engagement with potential new clients who your keywords have targeted. In cutting out the time taken for a member of your staff to manage the LinkedIn account Talos Growth is a cost-effective tool that is worth a second look. Let’s talk about the pricing plans.

Pricing Plans

Talos Growth is offered across three pricing plans, each with a select set of features. Let’s have a closer look at them:

For €99 per month the package includes 1 account, a range of statistics and unlimited likes. You can also sign up for a 14-day free trial to see if this package will be adequate. This basic package is recommended for smaller businesses and start-ups.

For €189 per month the deal involves unlimited likes plus the statistical tools, 2 accounts and personal support from the Talos Growth team. This will be suitable for small to medium businesses looking to expand their LinkedIn marketing.

The full package costs $449 per month and includes everything with the above deal but up to 5 accounts and 2 admin accounts. This is for medium sized businesses established in the market.


Talos Growth is a useful tool that will help expand your reach on LinkedIn by automatically searching for relevant posts and applying a like on behalf of your business. Sensibly priced and available in three brackets, it will save time on searching and liking on an important social media platform and improve your businesses social proof standing with many potential quality leads.

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