Automate every step of your social advertising to increase your conversions, creativity and overall performance. Great tool for the bigger brands.

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+ Dynamic social media advertising
+ Scaling budgets automatically
+ Rotating ads to prevent ad fatigue


- Pricing starts at €5.000 per month
- Only interesting with high social media ad budget


Keep track of all your social advertisements in one dashboard
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Tool FAQ

What is

What does do? offers automated solutions to marketers for: 1. Management of advertising campaigns, 2. Creation of personalized ads with images or videos immediately (includes dynamic templates), 3. Centralization of metrics of the most popular social networks in a single site that allows timely decision making, 4. Online integration with multiple platforms, etc.

Where is based?, the leading company in creating automated solutions for social media marketing is headquartered in Finland's capital Helsinki. It currently has offices in more than 15 cities around the world such as Berlin, San Francisco, Singapore, Dublin, Sao Paolo, Sydney, London, Paris, New York, Madrid, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Austin, etc.

How much does cost? prices range from € 5,000 per month, this will depend on the estimated advertising spend of the Customer's accounts reflected on the platform. If for example, the spend of a Customer's Ad Account is more than € 500,001 the estimated price will be 3.0%. It is recommended to contact's sales unit directly to request a detailed quote.

When was Smartly founded?

The Finnish platform was founded in 2013 by the ingenious Kristo Ovaska and Tuomo Riekki. They initially created a prototype of the software to help businesses automate Facebook advertising ads and then went on to become one of its certified partners. Today this SaaS company has expanded to other platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat.

Is Smartly good for customer service?

According to user reviews,'s customer service is one of the best. They have 4 main centers with 100% dedicated chat rooms that work 24/7, the response time is approx. 5 minutes and problems are solved in 1h20min or less and, different needs and suggestions, are taken into account to improve their services.

Smartly Features

Smartly is a social advertising tool that allows for automated campaign creation and provides tools to maximize your campaign’s performance. With Smartly, you can build compelling creatives, manage your campaigns and optimize your performance all from one centralized platform.

Trusted by eBay, Under Armour, Uber, TechStyle and Zalando, Smartly offers tools that help you make data-driven decisions and automate the advertising process.

Three of Smartly’s standout features include:

Personalized Creatives

Smartly provides the tools and integration you need to build engaging creatives. The platform provides professional image and video templates that you can use to build on-brand creatives quickly and easily.

You can also use Smartly to create thousands of ad variations automatically using virtually any data source and display:

To maximize performance, Smartly allows you to perform seamless testing to pinpoint which creatives and content generate the best performance.

Image and video templates can be used to automatically resize your content to the right dimension for whatever platform you’re focusing on. This feature can save hours of time manually adjusting video variations for ad placements. You can also apply dynamic overlays to create custom creatives automatically. These variations can include personalized messages and localized offers, making your creatives even more engaging.

The platform gives you all of the tools you need to build engaging, eye-catching creatives to use with your social media ads.

Smartly also offers Adobe Creative Cloud integration for seamless connection to your designer’s workflow. With the click of a button, you can import Photoshop PSD files, add animation effects and instantly enhance your creatives.

Having the ability to scale and personalize your videos will save your team time and help improve your down-funnel metrics.

If you need more help with the direction of your creatives, Smartly’s Creative Studio can help. Their team of creative professionals will use insights and best practices to help you come up with fresh concepts for your creatives.

Campaign Management

Smartly eliminates the mundane, tedious task of manual campaign management through automated tools and efficient workflows.

Build fully automated campaigns, macros and more. Smartly allows you to scale your operations through asset and cross account campaign management. With their Dynamic Image Templates, you can improve your dynamic ads performance. With Smartly, you can integrate any product feed and use advanced mapping and other features to improve data quality.

With Cross-Channel Video Distribution, you can export your video creations and use them on virtually any online channel, including Google Ads, YouTube and even Snapchat.

Smartly offers the tools and ability to allow your team to work together on one platform.

Performance Optimization

Creation and management are just two pieces of the puzzle. Smartly also provides the tools for performance optimization, including AI-powered algorithms. The platform makes it easy ensure that your campaigns are getting the results you want.

With Smartly, you can:

To measure your results and adjust your strategy, Smartly gives you access to reports across all of your ad accounts so that you can analyze your campaigns using third-party data. Having this data on-hand and easily accessible allows you to take action immediately to improve campaign performance.

Having the ability to integrate first- and third-party data into one centralized platform eliminates the need to jump back and forth between different platforms to track performance. You can also view performance trends across your entire sales funnel in real-time. Flexible reporting and data visualization allow you to make smarter decisions with your campaigns.

You can even view your campaigns and ad accounts in one big overall view, and you can make changes in seconds. Smartly allows you to make smart, data-driven decisions for your campaign to maximize performance.

Smartly offers a dynamic pricing structure based on your monthly ad spending budget. Pay a percentage of your monthly spend range to gain access to all that Smartly has to offer. There’s a free pricing calculator on their website to help you estimate your monthly costs.

Before getting started with Smartly, the company will walk you through the multi-step onboarding process, which starts with a demo request and introductory call. Smartly will get to know your brand, which will help them deliver the best possible solution for you.

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