Sitebulb is made to help you audit websites more thoroughly and communicate your findings more effectively. Crawl your own website to improve your SEO.

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Tool FAQ

What is SiteBulb?

How much does SiteBulb cost?

The innovative and useful tool for SEO professionals, SiteBulb, which audits, analyzes, and crawls websites, offers a 14-day free trial with unlimited access (no credit card required) and the following paid plans: Lite $ 13.50 per month (1 User and 10,000 URLs per audit), Pro $ 35.00 per month (1 User and 2,000,000 URLs per audit).

What can SiteBulb do?

With SiteBulb you can: 1. Perform a website audit and get more than 300 specific suggestions. 2. Obtain audit scores and PDF reports that can be configured according to the company’s needs. 3. Obtain more accurate data since, similar to Google, it uses Googlebot’s Evergreen Chromium crawler. 4. View historical data and metrics trends and others.

Who uses SiteBulb?

SiteBulb is used by freelancers, independent SEO consultants, agencies, and anyone who wants to understand how a website is doing and where it is going. This powerful analytics tool translates data into a variety of visually clear reporting templates that help analyze data and create timely strategies to improve website visualization.

What does it mean to crawl a website?

This refers to the action of web crawlers, spiders, or search engine bots when they access a website and obtain data through a software program, which is then downloaded and indexed by search engines so that the search engines can create relevant links in response to users’ search queries.

What are the best SiteBulb alternatives?

Sitebulb works as one of the most important and trusted crawling tools of the web, because of its wide range of features and effectiveness, but before committing to a tool it would be a good idea to know the market and options, some of the most relevant are Screaming Frog, Moz pro, Crawly, and Portia.

SiteBulb Features

SiteBulb is a website crawling tool that helps you understand your site or your client’s site. Using the tool’s wide range of features, you can find critical issues that need to be resolved to improve your site’s rankings.

Trusted and used by SEOs around the world, including Bronco, Seer and Distilled, SiteBulb’s three main features include:


SiteBulb’s platform allows you to crawl any website at any time using advanced crawling technology and JavaScript rendering. Compiling a comprehensive list of your site’s URLs is an important part of the auditing process.

There are no usage restrictions, so you can crawl any site you want, whenever you want. You can perform exploratory crawls or conduct a sample without worrying about reaching any limits.

SiteBulb helps you see sites the same way Google does. You can also crawl websites built on JavaScript frameworks like Meteor, Ember, AngularJS, Backbone, Ember and React.

On-demand crawling is available and can be launched in minutes. Real-time progress tracking allows you to see what SiteBulb is doing and even make adjustments to settings on the fly.

While you can crawl sites anytime and on-the-fly, you can also schedule audits to run whenever is most convenient for you. They can recur daily, weekly or monthly for continued monitoring.

With SiteBulb, you also have a variety of reporting options, making this platform one of the most comprehensive website auditing tools available. You can check:


SiteBulb automatically checks and prioritizes more than 300 SEO issues to help you focus on the most important and impactful tasks. The goal of a site audit is to improve your site optimization and improve your user experience.

SiteBulb points out the most important factors that you need to focus on, so you can work more efficiently. You don’t have to waste time searching through files and spreadsheets. SiteBulb will find them for you, making it easy to focus on the most important problems first.

Audit scores help you see which areas need your attention right away. The platform uses an intuitive scoring system that highlights critical issues, like:

Because SiteBulb is thorough, it will also point out issues that are of lower importance and don’t necessarily need to be addressed right this minute.

SiteBulb helps you see the bigger picture, so you know what to focus on right now and what can go on the backburner.

For issues that require your immediate attention, the platform allows you to dig deeper without having to leave your dashboard. This allows you to investigate the issue quickly and easily.

Understanding and Communication

SiteBulb’s tools allow you to explain and communicate issues in a way that’s easy for your clients to understand.

Every issue that SiteBulb identifies will be given a priority rating and a simplified explanation that help your clients understand what’s going on. In fact, you can copy and paste these descriptions right into your site audit.

All hints provided by SiteBulb are also backed by an in-depth explanation of what they mean, why they are an issue and the steps you need to take to resolve them. These explanations help you better understand what’s going on so that you can confidently make recommendations to your clients.

Data visualization can further help you and your clients understand issues affecting your site. Detailed Crawl Maps show you the site’s hierarchy, so you can see how search engines navigate it.

For easy communication with clients, SiteBulb offers multiple report options and content formats that are relevant to different stakeholders. With this platform, you can display and report data in a way that clients will understand and appreciate. It also allows you to recommend actionable steps with the aim of achieving the client’s goals.

Along with beautiful, visual PDF reports, you can also export easily readable spreadsheets that your clients can understand and use. Spreadsheets can be exported to a CSV file or directly into Google Sheets for easy sharing in user-friendly formats.

Reports can also show developments over time, so you can show clients how your efforts have had an impact over time. These reports can be enriched with charts and graphs to back up your recommendations and serve as proof of your improvements over time.

SiteBulb offers a free, unrestricted 14-day trial with no credit card required. This gives you the chance to try the tool and see if it’s a good fit for you. A variety of plans are available for freelancers all the way up to SEO professionals.

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