Get ahead of the competition by taking action on test results. It will help you with budget allocating, get better and quicker SEO insights using tests.

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Tool FAQ

What is

What is SEO testing?

SEO testing works like any normal technical test, it consists of evaluating and measuring a determined decision’s result on a website or page’s performance, to examine its outcome concerning organic search traffic. But it is not as simple as it may seem because a lot of factors could affect the outcome of a single action.

How much does SEOTesting cost? offers a free version as well as a free trial of all of its paid plans. Their pricing goes from the Single Site plan, which is $ 19.00 per month, to the Team plan, which is $ 5.000 per month, and the Agency plan which goes by $ 150/00 per month.

Is SEOTesting good?

SEOTesting can be considered a new tool being out and re-branded in the market since 2020, so it is not as popular as other options, but it stands out as an easy and simple to understand tool for smaller websites and brands, and it allows to test hypothesis and compare them to proven data It also offers suggestions.

What features does SEOTesting offer?

This platform helps its users by making easier the process of making SEO decisions. It fulfills its purpose by the use of three main features, SEO tests (which are its main function), traffic recommendations, which are basically in-depth reports of the results of the tests and split testing, which allows creating repeatable tests.

How to start using SEOTesting?

The first step is to create a free account in After adding the website, SEOTesting will require access to the user’s Google search console account. This way the tool gets the website data and suggest changes to improve its SEO. From here the tool will offer its different features to the user. Features is a platform, offered in both free and paid plans, that enable website owners to conduct SEO tests quickly and easily. The platform helps site owners to make decisions to rapidly boost their SEO efforts through three powerful features:

SEO Tests

Search engine optimization tests are the most common reason people choose this platform. The platform was designed to combat the changes Google and other search engines make. When tests are performed, it enables users to:

Measurable SEO is difficult to achieve, but the option makes multiple levels of measurement possible. The metrics available, and there are many, include but are not limited to:

When the tests come back, they will provide a slew of information on how to best increase traffic. The traffic recommendations are a great opportunity to make positive changes to an SEO strategy.

Users can setup tests and allow them to run as you work. The tests will finish with a notification that allows you to know when statistically significant results are ready. These results are actionable and will enable you to make faster decisions to find out what works best for your site.

There are guides provided that allow you to follow best practices and use cases for the results you receive.

Traffic Recommendations

Traffic is the backbone of a website’s success or failure. When running the tool on your own site or on the site of a client, it’s possible to find quantitative changes to make based on each test that’s conducted.

Gaining higher levels of traffic is possible, with recommendations on:

Learning what changes to make to improve traffic is going to change your search engine optimization efforts drastically. Impactful recommendations allow you to spend less time on low-impact changes and more time on changes that will improve traffic or sales.

In-depth reports are provided with each test so that you know which ones are impacting your site the most. Whether you’re a seasoned SEO expert working with clients or you’re a new site owner that needs to reduce your marketing expenses, these traffic recommendations can help.

Split Testing

Split testing is a way to refine the way that tests are run. You may want to run tests on different versions of a site or page to see which one would perform best for you. While not split testing in the sense of advertising in checking different ad variations, this version does allow you to control groups.

You can create and run repeatable tests that allow you to continue split testing time and time again.

Split testing allows you to use results based on data from the world's biggest search engine. This will allow you to better understand who will work for your niche and audience and what will not.

All split tests come with reports that allow you to make meaningful changes to your site or page. You can test for the metrics that matter most for your site so that you can narrow down the changes you want to make based on your own goals.

The tests allow you to:

SEOTesting is a fun, easy means of running SEO tests. You'll find multiple tiers to pick from that allow users to test 5, 20 or 50 sites. The free version of the tool allows you to test one site for free but doesn’t allow for split testing.

All of the higher tiers offer unlimited SEO tests and unlimited split testing.

You can save a lot of time tracking results. If you’re a person who likes to conduct a variety of tests to see what works and doesn’t work for your website, this is the tool for you. The tool allows you to test out your hypothesis and back everything with proven data.

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