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Want to get data from a website and don't want to do it manually? Using a 'scraper' you can get all the info automatically into an Excel or CSV.

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+ Free for the first 500 scrapes
+ Great way to get contents into an excel quickly
+ Avoids a lot of manual work


- Watch out with GDPR by storing personal data


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Tool FAQ

What is data extraction?

What is Instant Data Scraper?

Instant Data Scraper is a tool in the form of an extension for browsers that is used to automatically extract data from sites and web pages using artificial intelligence to know what the really important data from an HTML page is. It allows users to save the extracted data in various popular formats.

What are the most prominent features of Instant Data Scraper?

The use of AI for data detection, data export in various formats, preview of the extracted data, has support for pagination in web pages, use of buttons or links for automatic navigation to the next page, has help for scrolling infinity, name edit of extracted data columns, dynamic data load identification.

What alternatives are there to Instant Data Scraper?

Among the free options we have: Octoparse, ParseHub, Visual Scraper, Outwit Hub, Data Scraper (Chrome), Web Scraper, Scraper (Chrome),, Kimurai,, Scrapy, and pyspider among others. Among the paid options are: ScrapeHero Cloud, Fminer, Web Harvey, Content Grabber, Mozenda, and GitHub among the best known.

What can Instant Data Scraper be used for?

For creating leads for companies and freelancers, to easily collect data, to locate job candidates, to track search engine results, to obtain product prices on e-business pages, to get email addresses, to scraping reviews, to obtain information from social media profiles, among other uses.

How does Instant Data Scraper work?

The tool uses AI to analyze the HTML conformation and detect the data to be extracted. If the detection is not correct, you can customize your selections and improve accuracy. This scraping technology does not require large libraries of scraping scripts, therefore it works on both small websites and giant websites.

Instant Data Scraper Features

Instant Data Scraper is offered for free as a Chrome extension. The company that makes this data scraper also provides professional solutions if your company needs a more robust web scraper, but the free solution suffices for most companies.

You'll use this scraper to scrape data from a website. You can select the website, select the columns where the data is provided and allow the bot to automatically determine which data you want to collect.

When you use this tool, you will be able to collect data in mass like never before.

The key features of this platform include:

AI Assistance

Artificial intelligence works alongside Instant Data Scraper. It’s a powerful AI tool that helps you get the information you want rather than a lot of useless information on a page. Web scraping bots will try to collect as much data as you want from a specific web page. But a lot of the data that is collected will not be in the correct location or table that the bot chooses.

This bot works by trying another table, guessing alternative tables so that you can find the right information on each platform you're trying to scrape.

AI assistance is a relatively new feature and is one of the many features that users asked for in the past.

Advanced Website Support

Advanced web support is provided to meet the needs of scraping across a variety of different sites. Some sites use JavaScript, while others will use HTML, tables and other elements to render their pages.

When scraping off of these websites, different approaches need to be taken.

Instant Data Scraper will automatically look for active dynamic data that is loaded on a page so that it can easily be collected and put into your Excel or CSV file. You'll be able to also control the crawl speed of your bot.

Crawl speed will allow you to slow down the speed of your bot so that the website is not recognized that you're not a real user. This is very important when they're not using proxies or a VPN to scrape a website. Since there are delays built into the platform, it will be able to mimic the actions of a real user.

The web scraper has been tested on a variety of the world’s most popular websites:

Extract Data in Multiple Ways

Information is only useful when you're able to use it in a meaningful way. There are multiple ways that you can download the information that you scrape and import it into different platforms and programs. When you use this platform, you'll be able to export files into:

Since information is put into new columns, you will have to clean up different columns after you’re done scraping a website. This is quick and easy, and you can rename these fields if you're not sure whether you're going to need the data now or in the future.

There are a multitude of ways that this platform helps you clean up your files and gather the data that you want without picking up too much excess in the process.

You can also use the platform to scrape data off of infinite scroll websites. These are sites that are loaded dynamically, and most bots have problems collecting data properly. The platform will continue scrolling and automatically detect when new data has stopped loading on the page. This allows you to collect data across multiple pages on an infinite scroll site.

You can also download the Chrome extension and start using this platform to start scraping data.

Instant Data Scraper is always working to enhance their product, and the last major update was in December 2019. This update added the infinite scroll support that users in a survey choose. A few of the additional features that were on the survey, which are features that are expected to be added in future iterations of the platform include:

Support is available with the addition of a new Facebook user group. The group aims to help the 65,000+ users and support their scraping efforts. The group is very active and has users helping each other each and every day.

If you need a free and easy way to start scraping that on Internet, Instant Data Scraper is a great tool for you.

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