DragDropr lets you create, edit and design the content for your website, webshop, or any other web content by simply dragging and dropping.

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+ Easy to use system
+ No need for coding
+ Sensibly priced


- Other tools like instapage offer more templates


Create a website quick without writing any code and using the drag and drop features
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Tool FAQ

What is Dragdropr?

Which CMS and eCommerce platforms is Dragdropr compatible with?

Dragdropr is compatible with all eCommerce and CMS (Content Management System) currently available in the market, such as WordPress WooCommerce, Magento 1 & 2, Shopify, Lightspeed, etc. To facilitate compatibility between systems, this program maintains a constant update, among other benefits, allows you to present web content in real time responsive to any device.

How can I add a new page to my blog?

There are a variety of tools and programs to help users edit a blog quickly and easily. If, for example, you use Dragdropr and want to add a new page to your blog, you just click on the "Add" button and the tool will take care of the coding and incorporation of the content.

Is Dragdropr easy to use?

Of course, what is easier than taking blocks of web content and with a single click dragging and pasting them into a website without having to write a line of code or programming language? The Dragdropr tool can do that and more. You do not need long hours and computer skills to edit, create and design the content you need.

Is Dragdropr free?

Dragdropr is not free. This intuitive and easy-to-use content tool has several types of paid plans with a monthly fee ranging from $ 19.00 to $ 249.00. However, it has a fourteen-day free trial. In this case users are not required to provide credit card details to discover the different benefits Dragdropr offers.

How much does Dragdropr cost?

The price of Dragdropr software is as follows; Single Account Plan (individuals) at $ 19 per month, Agency plan for companies that have more clients or have several CMS $149 per month, and White Label plan at $ 249 per month with which you can create up to fifty Clients (Sub-Accounts). The rates of all plans apply if the payment is made on a monthly basis, if you choose to pay for services annually; you get a discount on the amount.

DragDropr Features

Digital marketing is an essential part of any modern business’s marketing campaign, but to get it right requires a lot of thought and effort. Your website needs to be up to scratch and provide the information and experience that will engage your visitors and increase lead conversion.

DragDropr is one of many page builder packages that are designed to make life easier for small to medium businesses who want to create – in house – beautiful and effective pages that attract and inform. It offers a range of functions that are useful and innovative.

DragDropr is easy to use and simple to set up, and also provides access to a variety of functions that can be customised for each user, so you can create the pages you want that will attract more custom.

If you are looking for a tool which more templated landingspages, check out: Instapage

How DragDropr Works

DragDropr offers access to many different features via a simple to use dashboard and its main draw is the ability to use a very simple yet effective drag and drop editor to create pages for websites, blogs, online shops or any web content that will look professional and help build your brand presence.

The DragDropr package is sensibly priced in what is a competitive market and comes with all the features you would expect from a page building package, yet with its own way of doing things. Let’s have a look at the solutions provided by DragDropr and how they may benefit you.

Drag and Drop Editor

The simplicity of the drag and drop editor that is the central aspect of DragDropr cannot be overstated. Anyone, with a little practice, can use this system. It can be used to produce web pages or shop entries, or blog entries, and there is no coding element involved. It is not limited to very simple pages, as you can use DragDropr to create quite complex entries that have a professional look about them.

The package comes with 200 ‘content blocks’ that are designed to save you time designing your page, or you can use your own individually designed versions. Those provided are effective and have been designed specifically for timesaving purposes and look the part. You can also use an HTML embed function for one-click set-up of your page, and if you want to add products, you can do so by dragging and dropping them and use the enable and disable feature for your individual needs.

Responsive Control

DragDropr offers you the use of responsive sliders on your page, which adds versatility, and you can also set the response level for individual parts of the page. These will fit any page size, so you can rest assured your content will be optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop use. Fully responsive content is a boost for customers, and as it is so easy to use here, it is a major draw for users of DragDropr.

DragDropr is also interesting in that it uses a ‘what you see is what you get’ design philosophy. What you put on the page is exactly what users will see. Nothing changes, so you can be certain to get the design exactly how you want it to draw in those visitors and convert leads into customers. You can also take advantage of a live preview function so you can look at your page on all page sizes before you decide it’s ready to publish.

Fully Integrated

With DragDropr you can integrate the package with many other platforms including WordPress, Shopify, Magento and more, thus allowing you to give your website more breadth in reach when it comes to looking for customers. It’s also very easy to perform these integrations and can be done by anyone with basic knowledge of using the package. The features don’t stop there, but that’s a good summary of what this impressive and comprehensive page building software tool can do for you and your business.


If you are a small business user with a growing customer base, and perhaps a growing inventory of products or services, DragDropr will prove very useful thanks to the ability to design and implement new pages with its easy to use and effective drag and drop editing method. As you can also see what you have created before you publish it’s simple to ensure you have everything right before you go live.

Sensibly priced in the market, we recommend a further look at DragDropr if you are a business owner or manager who needs a simple to use page creating tool without the need for complex coding.

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