Get to know when people are talking about your brand, on any social media channel. Get insights about your brand mentions, alerts and influence score.

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See all your brand mentions within one dashboard with Brand24
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Tool FAQ

What is Brand24?

What does Brand24 cost?

You can begin using Brand24 with a 14-day free trial. After that, you will need to select from one of three plans to continue using the product: Plus - $ 49.00 per month, Premium - $ 99.00 per month, Max - $ 199.00 per month. The Plus plan gives basic data for individuals tracking a single brand. The Premium plan is good for professionals to engage and analyze mentions. Whereas the Max plan is great for teams and agencies to engage, analyze, and report.

What are some of the features Brand24 offers?

Brand24 is also a powerful social media analytics platform. The tool tracks keywords across different social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch. Based on the mentions, Brand24 calculates social media reach, the share of voice, and monitors hashtag performance. Moreover, the AI-driven sentiment analysis will help you protect your brand reputation, find marketing insights, and improve your customer service.

How to get started with Brand24?

Getting started with Brand24 is easy enough: you create a “Project,” which is essentially the umbrella name for the social presence you’ll be tracking mentions for. You can, especially at the higher levels of service, track for more than one brand or you can track specific campaigns. It is a pretty flexible setup, allowing you to search for things by either just typing in a list of keywords or by doing it in a more advanced way - specifying keywords to include and exclude to make sure you are not pulling in mentions that were not what you were looking for.

How does Social Media Listening work?

Social media listening involves tracking mentions of certain words, phrases, and even complex queries across social media and the web. Brand24 goes beyond that, though, and listens to other media types, such as blogs, news sites, reviews, video descriptions, and podcasts. Brand24 crawls through the entire web, looking for every occurrence of your selected keywords. You can drill down to any set time span to find everything that people have said about your brand during that period.

What does social media analytics do?

Social media analytics helps you to learn about how successful your social media marketing is. It helps to compare your social media analytics with those of your competitors. You can use social media analytics to analyze your followers so you can understand them better.You can also analyze the reach and performance of your posts, to see if they have the impact you want. You can identify influencers and compare the various social platforms to ensure that you are focusing on the right ones for your target audience.

Brand24 Features

Now that we are firmly into the Digital Age it is more important than ever to keep up to date with what your customers are doing. What do we mean by this? Put simply, online commerce is a fast-moving world, and every business needs to be using all their resources to the best level of efficiency. Whether you are selling a product or service or promoting a blog, data analysis is essential as trends influence sales more than ever before.

But it goes further than that; beyond the number of views and clicks your website gets – and this is very important information – you should also be aware of what people are saying about your brand. Social media is more than powerful in brand exposure and awareness, and social proof – whereby consumers can see that your brand is respected – is key to getting leads and converting them. Social media is also a very broad spectrum – so how best to keep abreast of what is being said about your brand?

There is a tool called Brand 24 that may be of interest. It is a brand monitoring tool that allows you to keep on top of changes in the volume and type of comments that people are posting, so let’s have a look at how it works and then consider some of the most impressive features of Brand24.

How Brand24 Works

Brand24 monitors the internet for mentions of your brand. That’s how it works in a nutshell. Beyond that, Brand24 can also alert you to sudden spikes in the mention of your brand, or can also rank the sentiment of comments, giving you the chance to attend to potential problems, perhaps highlighted by a negative review.

Brand24 monitors a wealth of areas of influence on the internet including all the social media channels, plus blogs, other sites and more, so that you have a direct line to what is happening in real time, and allowing you to download data into usable reports for better analysis. It’s a tool that will cut down on the time your team spend on social media, and also allow you to streamline your product promotion to a particular potential client base.

Brand24 Features

Brand24 is feature-packed and splits its main elements into a few parts. In short, these are Mention Analytics, Influence Score, and Sentiment Analysis.

Mention Analytics

The general purpose of Brand24 is to keep you informed as to the level of interest in your brand. To this end, the Mentions Feed keeps track of all mention of your brand and allows you to enter a conversation in one click. There is also the Discussion Volume Chart. This is a real-time monitor of the amount of times your brand is mentioned across the board. It can be set so that it notifies you of sudden spikes in interest. You can then check out what is being said – and discover whether positive or negative aspects have influenced the spike – and attend to potential problems.

Influence Score

You can use Brand24 to find out who the major influencers are in your industry. This allows you to streamline those you work and share with. Influence is a massive part of social proof, which is how people tend to make a decision about brands online. If your brand is linked to top influencers, it will enhance your social proof standing greatly, and increase your lead generation.

Sentiment Analysis

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Brand24 is the ability to determine the sentiment in comments on social media: it differentiates between positive, negative and neutral discussions and mentions and helps you intervene at the right moment, and get a better analysis of the way your product is viewed as well as customer behaviour.

All of this comes alongside useful analytical tools, reporting ability, and a filtering function whereby you can concentrate on specifics to get a more detailed view of the situation regards your brand’s standing in the market. What do we think of Brand 24 overall?


Brand24 serves an important role that is often overlooked. It is not possible for an individual – or even a team – to keep up with busy social media comments and discussions, yet with Brand24 you get the ability to do so, and much more.

Easy to use and customizable, Brand24 is a very handy tool for growing businesses that need to know what people really think, and is available in three price plans – the cheapest is perfect for tracking a single brand, the more expensive is aimed at agencies with a lot of different strands – which are very reasonable.

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