Search Engine Positioning

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is Search Engine Positioning?

Search Engine Positioning is a practice that consists of optimizing specific web pages to achieve a better position in search engine results.

Why Is Search Engine Positioning Important?

This practice is very important for companies that want to be successful in digital commerce because it directly affects the traffic amount that passes through the websites. If the appropriate techniques are used to obtain a higher position in search engines, the number of visitors will increase, and consequently, there will be more chances to sell a service or product.

Establishing a good Search Engine Positioning strategy is elementary for an online company; with it, you can obtain the following benefits:

Improved visibility

Usually, users tend to click on the first results that appear in search results; this is why a good positioning strategy can make your website more visible and help drive traffic to it.

Increases revenue in the long run

A planned SEO strategy is a long-term investment. To achieve it requires an investment initially, but if the website manages to rank high in the search results, the sales revenue will increase significantly.

Gives confidence to the mark

When a website manages to position itself in search engines' first results, users will think that this site will give them the information they are looking for and generate trust. They can even share this content on social networks or other digital media.

How Do I See My Position On Google?

Google currently represents the search engine with the highest number of all search engines' clicks on the Web. That is why ranking in the top positions is of vital importance for companies with a digital presence.

To see the Google search ranking that a website occupies, it is possible to search for keywords relevant to the site. However, this way is not the most effective and accurate because the results will not always be the same for each search; this is because the search engine adapts to the location or search history.

To facilitate this task, there are different paid or free tools on the market, such as those mentioned below:

  • Google Search Console

Search Console is Google's free tool. It is used to see which keywords are ranking on each page of a website and what is the average position value of the website for those terms.

To use this tool, just follow these steps:

Sign in to Google Search Console

Then enter the browser

Enter the keyword and press enter.

In the section "Search performance for this query," you will see the results obtained. In these, you can see the number of clicks, impressions, average position, compare the performance of a page in a given period, and even show rabbits to increase the rankings' position.

  • Other free tools are the following:



Small SEO Tools

SEO SERP Mojo (Android)

Among the paid tools are:







Pro Rank Tracker


Rank Tracker

Best Practices For Search Engine Positioning

There are several practices to improve a website's position in search results, among these are:

  • Optimizing existing content frequently.
  • Using internal links from pages of an authoritative website to other pages of the same site that need to increase their ranking.
  • Optimizing organic click-through rate (CTR).  
  • Improve the Core Web Vitals report score (Search Console). Although it does not directly affect the ranking, this report is very useful because it provides information about the user experience, with which webmasters can make decisions to decrease the bounce rate.
  • Another SEO practice to improve the positioning of a website in the SERPs is to obtain different results for the same keyword.

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