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5 Best Supermetrics Alternatives and Competitors

October 28, 2020
Marketing Automation

If you are currently using Supermetrics, thinking about using supermetrics or exploring alternative options, this article is for you. Tools like Supermetrics  collect information from sources you specify and send them to the data analysis tools you use. 

It simplifies data and brings everything together in a unique way that makes it easy to dissect data. In this article we will explore 5 Supermetrics alternatives and competitors which can also help you collect and analyze data. 


Improvada screenshot website, a supermetrics alternative

Improvado is one of the most popular alternatives to Supermetrics. Improvado allows you to visualize your data from your favorite tools in order to help you make better marketing and management decisions. They provide marketers flexible and scalable solutions that allow them to aggregate all their data in one central location. 

You can visualize data with some of your favorite tools such as Tableau, Google Data Studio, Excel, Looker and Google spreadsheet.

Improvado works by extracting data from different sources, transforms the data and loads the results into a final destination point.

They feature over 180 integrations and can quickly build out new ones with a simple request. Improvado allows you to view important marketing data down to a very granular level such as:

  • Ad level type
  • Keyword level
  • Campaign level type
  • Geo level

This kind of data can help marketers identify valuable insights based on a wide range of different data types. 


  • Massive list of integrations
  • Data aggregation is done in real time to a single destination point
  • Customer support is available at every price point
  • Ability to pull data from multiple platforms at the same time
  • Solutions for different industries
  • White-label solutions are available


  • Some of the different data types can get complicated for newbies
  • Data loading for bigger queries can be slow

Improvado Pricing

improvada pricing, a supermetrics competitor

Depending on the number of integrations you need and the amount of data you plan on aggregating your pricing can run up quite high. In order to get accurate pricing you have to talk to someone so they can get a better idea behind the scope and size of your data visualization needs. 

Improvado Video


screenshot of the funnel.io homepage, a tool to combine all your data sources

Funnel.io is another great Supermetrics alternative which allows you to collect data, map it and group it into funnels and feed it into your favorite tools. Funnel.io is compatible with over 500 different marketing and advertising platforms in order to help you integrate your data effectively. 

Checkout the full list of data sources.

They also allow you to create custom data transformations that allow you to further optimize how you view your data. 

Lastly they have different data destinations in which you direct to which platform you

want your data to be displayed. It’s an extremely powerful way of creating data customizations which are relevant to the business data you need to focus on.

Funnel.io data destinations


  • Integrations with over 500 data sources
  • Funnels give you great customization option for visualization
  • Features automated currency conversion for working with different markets
  • Clean data warehousing and importing process
  • Ability to create and automated reporting stack
  • Rich resource library


  • Database solution is a separate add on cost
  • Data transformation requires a bit of a learning curve
  • Limited to only a few industry types
  • Feeding your data into tools can be time consuming if data is large

Funnel.io Pricing

Funnel.io pricing, a supermetrics alternative

Pricing is reasonable for the amount of flexibility and customization that is provided from the different data transformation types. The only kicker is that database solutions are at extra cost at a higher than average cost of what other providers charge.

Funnel.io Video



Klipfolio screenshot

Klipfolio is a great low cost alternative which allows you to create custom dashboards and reports which can help you track data in real time and also pull reports which can give you deep insights into your marketing performance. 

They feature popular industry standard integrations and allow you to connect to multiple data sources at once with their REST API. Their unique feature is that you can create custom real time dashboards and monitor your performance in real time.

dashboard to track your growth metrics within Klipfolio

You can also create your own custom reports by building your own Klips”. It allows you to design reports, generate them and even automate them. It also gives you the ability to automatically schedule your reporting and distribute to your team and management. 


  • Ability to create and design automated reporting
  • Low cost solution compared to other providers
  • Can create custom dashboard based on data criteria of your choosing
  • Klip editor is very effective in helping you run large data queries 
  • Plenty of customizable options for dashboards
  • Features rich UI and is very intuitive


  • Could use improvement on their database integrations

KlipFolio Pricing

Kipfolio pricing, a supermetrics alternative

Klipfolio’s pricing is very reasonable compared to other vendors and it offers plenty of value. It is perfect for small to mid scale teams who need a good solution to track and manage their sales and marketing.

KlipFolio Video


Get more about your marketing data using Adverity

Adverity gives you the ability to connect to all your data sources and organize it for full scale analysis in order to make better marketing decisions. They allow you to easily import data, consolidate it and customize it in a way that is functional for your analysis needs.

They offer a wide range of data connectors which allow you to connect directly to your data sources and run analysis. 

Checkout their full list of integrated data connectors.

They offer solutions for some of the following industries below:

  • Marketing and advertising agencies
  • Branding
  • Ecommerce
  • Telecommunications
  • Technology 


  • 400 + integration options
  • Ability to control your data
  • They offer solutions for enterprise sized business
  • Use new state of the art augmented analytics for AI predictions


  • Meant for senior level data analysts and users
  • Learning curve is steeper for beginners
  • Additional budget for database access and setup

Adverity Pricing

Adverity custom pricing plans

Adverity pricing will vary based on your data needs. Since it doesn’t include database access that is an extra cost that can run you quite a bit of money. This is definitely meant for businesses of scale who have the necessary budget in place.


Import your data into google sheets using an API

Aphipheny is a small scale analytics solution which connects an API to Google Sheets in order to connect your data. It’s much friendlier for newbies, but doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles that you have available with other tools. 

They do however have great features for integrating any JSON or CSV API directly with Google sheets which allows you to customize and schedule direct API requests to individual sheets.

Import the data easily into google sheets using an api connector

This functionality can automate a great amount of your data extraction needs into formatted Google sheets.


  • Very easy setup and use
  • Ability to connect unlimited data sources
  • Includes Json converter 
  • No scripts or coding required to use
  • Includes trial version
  • Features automatic data refreshers


  • Limited data visualization capabilities
  • Meant for small scale data extraction with lack of ability to scale
  • Limited amount of integrations

Aphipheny Pricing

apipheny.io pricing, a supermetrics alternative

Overall, Aphipheny is a very low cost option when compared to all the other Supermetrics alternatives. Although it has limited capabilities, it can get quite a bit of your data extraction handled at a fraction of the cost.


We hope you have found these Supermetrics alternatives useful. Each alternative is unique in it’s way of extracting data, transforming it and displaying it for your own analysis. Before you decide on an alternative, explore the needs of your businesses first and see which alternatives may be a good fit for you. 

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