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The Best Facebook Tools To Use For Your Marketing and Brand

October 13, 2021
Social Media

With nearly 3 billion monthly users, it’s hard to ignore the reach and scale of Facebook as an absolute marketing juggernaut. With over 60 million active business pages on Facebook according to Brandwatch, marketers strongly believe that Facebook is an extremely important component inside their marketing arsenal. 

As such, it’s important to be aware of some of the different Facebook tools that exist which can help you scale your marketing and grow your brand. In this article we will explore the different types of Facebook tools which exist today, what they do, and how you can use them to improve your marketing and grow your brand.

Different Types of Facebook Tools

Before we dive into the many different apps and tools that are available to help you get the most out of Facebook, it’s important that we break down some of the different Facebook tools that are available for you to use.

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Facebook tools are third party apps and software packages which are used alongside Facebook in order to help you use the many different features of the platform more effectively. They are meant to be used in order to help you save time on cumbersome tasks, engage more effectively with your audience, and to grow your brand and marketing. 

Some of the different types of Facebook tools include: 

  • Advertising and Marketing Facebook tools
  • Facebook Name Generator Tools
  • Facebook Analytics and Reporting Tools
  • Facebook Page Scraper Tools
  • Facebook Scheduling Tools
  • Facebook Video Downloader Tools
  • Facebook Auto Like and Followers Tools

These are just a few of the many different Facebook marketing tools that are available for you to use in order to supercharge your marketing and grow your brand online. 

Advertising and Marketing Facebook Tools

Mobile Monkey

Mobile monkey is the best tool for all your Facebook Messenger marketing needs. It’s a powerful platform to help you communicate effectively with your customer via chat. Mobile Monkey has a very intuitive platform and can help you custom tailor special SM chatbots for your audience.


  • Messaging automation tools for digital agencies
  • Multi-platform chatbot builder
  • Custom chatbot templates
  • Website chatbots and much more

Mobile Monkey includes a free-trial and has the following paid options below. 


SendinBlue is a full scale marketing solution for your Facebook page or account. It’s an all-in-one marketing platform that allows you to integrate your Facebook advertising into its CRM suite of tools and really take your brand and Facebook marketing to the next level. 


  • Complete email-marketing solution for your business
  • SMS marketing solution 
  • Chat integration feature to help you communicate directly with your customers
  • Full scale marketing-automation
  • Landing page builder and integration to Facebook ad manager
  • Launch and measure Facebook ads from your account to retarget contacts
  • Custom signup form builder
  • A/B split testing capabilities 
  • Real-time reporting statistics


As you can you have a ton of different features available with SendinBlue. They have free plans as well as very affordable paid options. See their pricing below.


Much like SendinBlue, SocialPilot is another scale marketing and advertising tool for Facebook users. They have powerful features which allow you to manage 50+ Facebook accounts or pages at once from it’s powerful UI.


  • Ability to merge and manage all your social media accounts
  • Analyze, monitor and report your Facebook engagements
  • Respond to comments, messages and posts across your different Facebook pages from one account
  • Manage your social media team with tasks and updates


They have many different tiers of pricing tiers depending on your needs, along with a free 14-day trial. See their pricing plans below.

Facebook Name Generator Tools 


If you are having trouble coming up with a cool name for your Facebook page or account, simply head on over to Weshare, type in 2 words and let it generate some cool names for you. 


  • Generates full video titles
  • Can generate full Facebook page names
  • Allows you to generate tags, ideas, thumbnails and more

The great thing about this tool is that it’s 100% free to use. 


Fun Generators is more than just a name generator engine. On top of being able to generate names for Facebook pages and accounts you can generate a heck of a lot more. 


  • Generate unique numbers and codes
  • Generate unique texts for almost anything you can think of
  • Generate trivia questions
  • Generate random game outcomes

Fun Generators is 100% free to use.

Facebook Analytics and Reporting Tools


Buffer is an all in one Facebook analytics and reporting toolkit. It allows you to get in-depth analytics about your brands growth and behavior on Facebook and other social media channels. Buffer features an intuitive dashboard which shows you all the reporting and analytics data you need.


  • Tracks performance and creates reports for Facebook and other social media channels
  • Measure and analyze the performance of your content across multiple accounts
  • Analyze audience demographics 
  • Create and share reports with your team 


The great thing about Buffer is how affordable it is. They have a free version and their main version only runs $5/month. Well worth it if you want deep insights into your social media performance. 


Sprout social is another powerful Facebook analytics and reporting tool. It features a powerful dashboard which connects directly to your Facebook page or account and lets you know how you are performing with your audience.


  • Automated daily engagement reports
  • Full oversight of all social media accounts that you manage and analyze
  • Analyze paid and organic social media behavior across different channels


SproutSocial features three paid options. 

Facebook Page Scraper Tools 

Facebook scraper tools are used to crawl and extract data from Facebook pages for your marketing and advertising needs. They can scrape valuable information such as: 

  • Facebook comments
  • Reviews
  • Posts
  • Likes
  • Messenger URL’s
  • Date filtering and so much more


Octoparse is a great tool to help you with all your Facebook data scraping that you need. They allow you to quickly scrape tons of web page data and use that data effectively.


  • Powerful point and click interface allows you to extract any Facebook data you need
  • Deals with different types of websites
  • Cloud extraction capabilities allow around the clock data scraping 
  • Extract data into excel or to your own database


Below are all the different pricing options for Octoparse. They also feature a free plan. 


Apify is another powerful web scraper app which can scrape and extract any Facebook data that you need. The great part is that you can create an automation schedule through the app and automatically schedule the type of data you need to scrape.


  • Full scale web scraping and crawling
  • Extract structured data to Excel
  • Automate web process for your Facebook requirements
  • Fully integrates into any app of your choice with it’s powerful web API service


Apify offers flexible pricing options for all your different needs along with a free version with limited use.


Facebook Scheduling Tools


Loomly is a great Facebook scheduling tool to help you automate the posting and sharing of your content. It’s great for automating cumbersome posting of content and is a great tool to use to collaborate effectively with your team.


  • View and schedule your tasks and posts through an organized calendar
  • Get post ideas from trending topics, RSS feeds and related events 
  • Manage your photos, videos, notes, and links into one library
  • Create great post and ad templates to help you stand out


Loomly has many different pricing options depending on your business needs. 

Facebook Video Downloader Tools

Facebook video downloader tools are tools to help you extract videos you see on Facebook locally to your computer. They can be really useful if you want specific content from videos to use in the content that you are creating.


Snapdownloader is pretty straightforward to use. Simply insert the link which you wish to download the video from and the tool will allow you to fully download the video locally to your computer. 


  • Download videos from other social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and others
  • Convert your files to other formats such as MP4, MP3, AVI, WMA
  • Built-in video trimmer allows you to cut video clips you need
  • Schedule downloads and batch download options


Snapdownloader has pretty straightforward pricing options and they are very fair for what you get with the tool. 


Snapsave is another easy to use Facebook video downloader tool. Simply insert the link you would like the video extracted from and let SnapSave pull it locally for you. 


  • Download videos in high quality HD and 4k
  • Save videos directly to your smart-phone
  • Download Facebook live stream videos 
  • Download private videos to your device


100% Free.

Facebook Auto Like and Followers Tools


Autolikertools is a tool to help you get likes, reactions, followers and comments to your Facebook account or page. It’s a social exchange system that allows you to gain followers to your Fanpage or personal account by increasing your likes and comments on your photos, videos and posts. 


  • Instant profile and Fanpage likes
  • 100% free service to use
  • Likes are spam free
  • Mobile friendly and works on any device
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