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The Best Methods to Get Free TikTok Likes In 2021

March 26, 2021
Social Media

Growing your TikTok account can be tough. Figuring out how to increase your likes and grow your account without being shadowbanned can be frustrating if you’re not sure how to do it. In this article we will discuss why TikTok likes are important, the best way to get free TikTok likes, what is Fueltok, and how to buy Tiktok views and likes.  

Why Do You Need TikTok Likes?

People are more likely to watch your videos if they already have a large amount of likes. When your video already has a bunch of likes, it creates credibility in the minds of other users. When scrolling through the vast amount of videos on TikTok, you’re more likely to watch a video with 1,000 likes over the one with 30 likes. 

Likes and followers go hand in hand. As your likes increase, your followers normally increase with it. The more people continue liking your videos, some of them will start following you. If you’re looking to grow your following on TikTok, you should focus on gaining more likes on your videos. 

When someone pulls up your account to look at your videos, if they see that the majority of your videos have a lot of likes, they are likely to follow you. If they see your videos hardly have any likes, they probably won’t follow you. 

TikTok likes also help your videos go viral. The TikTok formula will continue showing your video to more people the more likes it has. As more and more people like your video, TikTok will keep showing that video to more and more people. Eventually this snowballs and your video has become a viral hit on TikTok. 

All it takes is one viral video to put yourself in front of a large number of users on TikTok, which is a great opportunity for you to boost your following. Viral videos can help you gain a large following in a short amount of time. Once you’ve gained this new following, your other videos can now start receiving more likes, because you have a larger amount of people watching them. 

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The number of likes your videos have is also important when negotiating brand deals and advertisements. Brands want to work with people whose content is seen by a large amount of people. They’re trying to maximize their ad dollars by making sure their products are seen by the most amount of people possible. 

The more likes your videos receive, the more credibility you have, and the more likely brands are going to want to work with you. They’re going to want to have someone with an average of 10,000 likes per video promote their products over someone with an average of 50 likes per video.  

The Best Way to Get Free TikTok Likes

Yes, there are ways to get free TikTok likes! The best way to get free likes on TikTok is to join TikTok engagement groups on Facebook and Reddit. Not only is this one of the best methods to get free TikTok likes in 2021, it also doesn’t raise any red flags with the TikTok platform. In these Facebook groups for TikTok engagement, users share their videos to the group, then other group members go and watch each other’s videos. 

Think of this as crowdsourcing, but instead of for money, it’s for views. You’re virtually networking in groups on Facebook and Reddit to spread your TikTok content around. You’re building it through your virtual partnerships. Keeps in mind that you should also be an active member of these groups in return by watching other people’s videos.  

This method also comes across to the TikTok platform as genuine and organic. It doesn’t involve buying any likes or followers. It’s actual people just watching videos and following your account. To the platform, it comes across as normal interactions between users.  

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Beyond the obvious TikTok engagement groups, you should also consider what niche your videos are in, if applicable. For example, if you’re making videos in niche categories like interior design, hair stylists, or gardening, you could look for Facebook groups that are centered around these topics. It provides a wider, possibly untapped audience for your videos. 

What is Fueltok? 

Fueltok is a TikTok bot for increasing likes, followers, and engagement. The bot works by automatically accessing your account so it can like and follow other accounts with hopes that they will notice you and like or follow you back. They gradually increase the engagement from your account so it appears natural and doesn’t raise any red flags to TikTok. 



Fueltok also offers a free one week trial so you can see how the bot will work to boost your account. This free trial option makes it another great method to get free likes on TikTok. There are three different payment options: one month, three month, and six month. After the free trial ends, Fueltok makes for a great way to buy TikTok likes which will boost your engagement and account status without raising red flags. 

Buy TikTok Likes

Another method of increasing your likes is to buy TikTok likes. One platform where you can buy likes on TikTok is one we’ve already discussed, Fueltok. In addition to having bot services, they also offer the option to purchase likes. Fueltok offering these two services makes them one of the best methods to get free TikTok likes in 2021. 

Buying TikTok likes is effective and fast. It’s a much quicker method than networking in Facebook groups or slowly growing your account with the Fueltok bot. It’s an instant boost to your stats, which in turn should also exponentially increase your organic likes and followers. 

With this method it’s also completely one-sided. When you purchase likes on TikTok, you aren’t obligated to like or follow anyone else’s account in return. It’s a one-way transaction that simply increases your likes. You don’t have to return the favor to other people by liking their videos and following them back. This is a time-saver.  

Fueltok offers a few different plan options: 100 likes, 500 likes, or 2,500 likes. They’re a great website to buy TikTok likes from because all of the likes come from real users. They do not use ghost accounts. You’ll receive likes from active users who post regularly to their accounts. They start dropping likes to you as soon as you place your order. 


TikTok likes are important because they boost your credibility on the platform. They also boost your visibility because the more the algorithm sees you interacting on the platform, the more they will push your content to other users. TikTok likes are also important when negotiating brand partnerships and advertisements. 

One method for getting free TikTok likes is to network in Facebook and Reddit groups. You can also take advantage of the free one week trial from Fueltok for their bot services. After the free trial ends, they have different payment plans based on how long you would like to use their services. 

Another way to increase your TikTok likes is by buying them. You can also buy likes on Fueltok, in groups of 100, 500, or 2,500. All of these likes come from real users who actively interact on the platform, not ghost accounts. 

The methods and platforms discussed in this blog post are designed to help increase likes, boost your following, and elevate your status on TikTok. We hope these tips help you continue growing your account!

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