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8 Best Marketing Podcasts For Marketing Professionals

October 30, 2020

Podcasts satisfy a variety of interests from educational to purely entertainment. Topics vary from reality tv show recaps to true crime and from political commentary to self-help. Platforms that offer podcasts include Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Apple Podcasts. Some podcasts even offer video recordings of each episode on YouTube. But with more than 1.5 million podcasts out there, it’s sometimes difficult to weed through and find your next favorite. 

The podcast format allows you to learn something new without having to sit down and read an article, book, or blog post. Sometimes your eyes just need a break. Time that was once spent listening to music or in silence can now be maximized for learning.

Instead of listening to the radio while you drive, put on a podcast. Instead of having the latest binge-worthy tv show on in the background, put on headphones and learn more about marketing while completing tasks around the house. Read through the list of the 8 best marketing podcasts below to see which one best suits what you’re looking for.

Marketing & Influence

Marketing podcast; marketing and influence with Brendon Burchard


Brendon Burchard is a New York Times bestselling author, performance coach, and personal development trainer. Launched in 2020, Brendon’s podcast offers an insider look at how marketers and influencers monetize their content, enlarge their audience, and create campaigns. He takes an in-depth look at how the worlds of influencing and marketing collide to form a profitable, symbiotic relationship. 

Host: Brendon Burchard

Who it’s for: entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, influencers, people interested in social media and how its monetized

Marketing over Coffee

Marketing podcast; marketing over coffee with Christopher S. Penn and John J. Wall

The format of this podcast is as simple and classic as the title suggests: two colleagues discuss both classic techniques and what’s new in marketing. 

John is the expert at the intersection of marketing, technology, and sales, while Christopher specializes in the powerful combination of community outreach and marketing. Started in 2018, reviews praise this podcast for its useful information and implementable ideas. 

Hosts: John Wall and Christopher Penn

Who it’s for: marketing students, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs

Everyone Hates Marketers

Marketing podcast; everyone hates marketers by louis grenier

Marketing has always been more than just a job for Louis Grenier, it’s a career to him. He strives to truly understand people, including his guests and audience. This show describes itself as “no fluff” haven for professionals disgruntled by in-your-face marketing tactics.

Guests follow that philosophy by honestly discussing techniques to attract more visitors, get more leads, and acquire more customers. Reviewers appreciate the actionable advice.

Host: Louis Grenier

Who it’s for: marketing professionals and entrepreneurs looking for nontraditional ways to significantly boost their marketing outcomes

This Old Marketing

this is old marketing podcast, Content marketing with pulizzi & rose

Hosted by two well-known content marketing experts, this podcast discusses the latest content marketing trends, headlines, and past examples to learn from. Not only has this podcast been around since 2013, reviewers love the banter between hosts and the headlines they pick for discussion. 

Hosts: Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose

Who it’s for: entrepreneurs and marketing professionals who want to improve the quality of their content marketing

Marketing School

Marketing school podcast, digital marketing and online marketing tips by neil patel and eric siu

This podcast boasts more than 1,400 episodes, and they keep them short and sweet. If you don’t have the time or patience to sit through an hour long podcast, this one's for you.  

The different topics they share their insight on are content marketing, SEO, email marketing, conversion optimizations, and social media. Reviewers praise their useful advice that’s helped them bring in more leads for their own businesses. 

Hosts: Neil Patel and Eric Siu

Who it’s for: entrepreneurs, marketing students, marketing professionals looking for quick, actionable tips

Social Media Examiner

Marketing podcast; social media marketing with michael stelzner

This podcast focuses on helpful advice to improve your use of social media as a marketing tool. They interview experts and tell real-life success stories. The host is the CEO and founder of Social Media Examiner, and the founder of The Social Media Marketing Society. Reviewers praise the podcast’s bountiful advice that’s insightful and valuable. 

Host: Michael Stelzner

Who it’s for: entrepreneurs and marketing professionals looking to improve their use of social media as a marketing tool

Marketing Scoop

Marketing podcast by SEMrush; marketing scoop with Laura Morelli

While most podcasts discuss ideas, techniques, and theories, this podcast analyzes marketing case studies from major brands like Google, IKEA, and Uber. The guests she discusses them with are the people behind these successful marketing campaigns.

They’re also there to discuss the latest marketing tools. These examples allow their audience to see marketing plans in action. Reviewers love the quality of questions the host asks her guests. 

Host: Laura Morelli

Who it’s for: marketing professionals, marketing students looking for large-scale examples and ideas 


The best Marketing podcast; the copyblogger podcast

Hosts Tim and Darrell discuss with their guests how to optimize conversion and up your content marketing game by improving your writing. Darrell is the CEO of a design and marketing agency, and Tim is an owner of an SEO agency. Reviewers love the knowledgeable guests and practical advice from seasoned professionals that this marketing podcast brings.  

Hosts: Tim Stoddart and Darrell Vesterfelt

Who it’s for: marketing professionals and entrepreneurs who want to improve their writing and content marketing


This list of the top 8 marketing podcasts has something for every marketing professional, including content marketing, social media, and case studies. 

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The next time you get in your car or reach for the remote to turn the tv on, turn a marketing podcast on instead. Happy listening and learning!

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