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The Best Growth Hacking Podcasts For Serious Marketers

October 20, 2020
Growth Hacking

It’s hard to deny the fact that there has been a massive rise in podcasting in the last couple of years. Listening to podcasts has become habitual to many individuals who are looking to gain insights into their field of work, interest, leisure and for just plain entertainment. There are platforms like Spotify, Google Play and iTunes which allow you to find a podcast in almost any topic or genre. 

If you are a marketer you may be sick of reading regurgitated blog posts, how to guides, pdf’s, and e-books about marketing and just want to actually hear real experts speak about marketing practices, concepts and experiences which have made them successful.

In this article we will explore some of the best growth hacking podcasts for people who have a strong interest in marketing, business, technology and entrepreneurship. 

Let’s dive right in.

The #AskGaryVee Show

The AskGaryVee is a great growth hacking podcast for marketers

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most popular figures in the entrepreneurship, social media and marketing space at the moment. His podcast #AskGareVee is a Q&A based podcast in which he answers some of the most popular tweets people ask him. 

You can tweet him using the #AskGary Vee and he will answer the question on his podcast. His episodes can be extremely direct and insightful which has been the reason for his popularity and growth with young millennials. 

Host: Gary Vaynershuk

Who it’s for: young and aspiring entrepreneurs, people interested in social media, founders

The Growth Show by Hubspot

Marketing podcast by Hubspot; the growth show

The Growth Show is a podcast featured by Hubspot that is meant to help listeners gain insight into what it takes to build a business from scratch. The Growth Show explores real life stories of people who have built businesses and grown them with unconventional tactics and strategies.

Host: Meghan Keaney Anderson - Vice President of Marketing

Who it’s for: people thinking about starting their own business, entrepreneurs, founders

Growth Marketing Toolbox

The Growth Marketing Toolbox podcast, a great podcast for growth markters

The Growth Marketing Toolbox is a weekly podcast which explores topics such as the latest marketing technologies, growth marketing tools, strategies for inbound marketing and much more. 

It features interviews with people who have created, marketed and currently use marketing software tools to run their businesses more efficiently. 

Host: Nicholas Scalice

Who it’s for: marketing technologists, business owners, marketing managers


Rocketship podcast, great for growth marketers

RocketShip hosts weekly podcasts in which they interview entrepreneurs and discuss a variety of different marketing topics and growth related strategies.

They focus on asking entrepreneurs important questions about their businesses growth, product concepts and how they came about creating their products and services in the first place. The episodes are extremely insightful for anyone working in the tech space today

Hosts: Matt Goldman, Michael Sacca, Joelle Steiniger

Who it’s for: product developers, entrepreneurs, founders 

Marketing Over Coffee Podcast

Hear about the new marketing trends in this podcast; marketing over coffee

Marketing Over Coffee is a weekly podcast in which the hosts discuss new and trending topics in marketing such as SEO, copywriting, lead generation, etc. T

The episodes are roughly 20 minutes and provide plenty of valuable information for small businesses owners who want to establish a strong brand identity and grow their business to the next level.

Hosts: John Wall, Christopher Penn

Who it’s for: small business owners, aspiring marketers

Everyone Hates Marketers

Everyone-hates-marketers podcast by Louis Grenier

The Everyone Hates Marketers podcast is a no-nonsense marketing podcast which cuts through some of the common marketing industry cliche and breaks things down into real actionable steps which any level marketer can use.

The podcast features interviews with some of the world's leading marketing experts and goes into critical details which many other fluff marketing podcasts leave out. It covers topics such as how to actually get customers, creating customer personas, lead generations and much more.

Hosts: Louis Grenier

Who it’s for: growth hackers, marketing managers, starting marketers

Growth Experts

Growth experts podcast with Dennis Brown screenshot

The Growth Experts podcast shares valuable growth strategies, industry tools, strategies from proven experts and entrepreneurs in marketing. You will be exposed to interviews with real world CEO’s, entrepreneurs and expert marketers who share their tips and strategies for success.

Dennis Brown digs deep with the people he interviews in order to find out exactly how they reached the level of success they did and some of the most effective strategies people used in order to scale their businesses to success.

Host: Dennis Brown

Who it’s for: entrepreneurs, digital marketing managers, founders

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