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The Best IG Scheduling Apps To Help You Manage Your Time 2021

November 3, 2021
Social Media

If you're a serious Instagram influencer with a decent-sized audience you will quickly learn how important it is to manage your time. As such, it's important to make use of IG scheduling apps that can help you plan and schedule your posts. 

Having an effective way to schedule your Instagram posts is a huge time saver for influencers. It also helps you build up a professional consistency for your content and help you to keep your audience engaged over the long term.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best IG scheduling apps to help you manage your time and improve your posting consistency.



Tailwind is perhaps one of the most popular Instagram scheduling apps on the market. It can help you create unique and awesome designs for your posts with pre-built templates and designs. It gives you the option to schedule videos and image posts directly to your Instagram stories or account with single push notifications.

Another huge component to Tailwind is that it allows you to connect to Tailwind communities of influencers to get fresh ideas and build valuable relationships. Let’s take a look at some of Tailwind's other features. 


  • Design photos and videos in seconds
  • Personalized designs created automatically by Tailwind
  • Posts are automatically optimized for other social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok
  • Completely automated publishing
  • Hashtag finder helps you to find the best hashtags to use
  • Streamlined calendar for all your social media networks
  • Smart schedule allows you to the best times to post when your audience is most active


Tailwinds pricing is actually very affordable for all levels of influencers looking to optimize their posting. Below are all their pricing tiers.

Competitive advantage

Tailwind has simply been around the longest from all of the other scheduling apps and has managed to make their platform and functionality simply much better than the rest of the competition. 

They are known in the marketplace as the premier scheduling app for social media and it’s hard to beat their pricing



Sendible is also another Instagram scheduling app that offers some great features. It hasn’t been around as long as Tailwind, but it’s still very effective in helping you to manage your time better with it’s powerful social media scheduling capabilities. 

Sendible is really great to use if you are managing social media accounts for clients. They offer a bit more than just scheduling. 


  • Keep track of your clients content with content queues
  • Customizable content calendar allows you to plan content out accordingly
  • Post enhancements with visual content
  • RSS feeds for easy sharing
  • Content creating suggestions with trending topics
  • Integration with Canva makes it easy to create stunning graphics
  • On top of that they have some serious social media analytics you can use to monitor the performance of your content


Their pricing is a bit higher than Tailwind and that is because they are really meant to be used if you plan on managing multiple Instagram accounts for clients. 

Competitive Advantage

Sendible’s competitive advantage is that they are well built for small to mid sized social media marketing agencies. They have a great UI to help you manage and track all of your client’s content. 


Agorapulse is a great app that can help you stay organized and save time with your Instagram content posting. They have a very intuitive UI that can help you manage all your content schedules and publish effortlessly. 

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Another great option that they feature is the ability to collaborate with your team in order to schedule, approve, and publish your posts. 


  • Share notes, ideas, track action items and communicate with team members 
  • Easily organize all your social media content into queue categories
  • Optimize your content for the best performance on each social network
  • Create useful reports to track content performance and find what you can optimize for better performance


Agorapulse is also meant to be used for small to mid sized agencies and their pricing tiers are pretty fair considering all the great benefits and features you get with the app. 

Competitive advantage

One of Agorapulses' competitive advantages is their social media inbox. It allows you to easily manage and see your incoming messages from clients and team members in one place.

Also, another one of their awesome features that other scheduling tools don’t have, is their social media monitoring feature. It allows you to see what your clients and competitors are saying about you and your content. This option is extremely valuable because it allows you to see how your audience is reacting to your content in real time. 


ContentCal offers much more than just simply Instagram scheduling features. It’s a full scale content marketing platform that is built to help businesses of all sizes. 

They help you organize your social media calendars, communicate effectively with your team members, and help you to generate new content ideas. 


  • Their content hub allows you to fully plan all your social media needs
  • Custom planning channels allow you to cluster your marketing into focused segments
  • Powerful analytics and data insights allow you to carefully measure your engagements and audience retention 
  • Report scheduling option helps you automate reports and save time
  • Export important data and put your own personal branding behind it for your clients


Their pricing tiers are very fair for all the reporting and analysis data you can extract. 

Competitive Advantage

Their web clicker feature allows you to save clips and collect ideas to share with your team. ContactCal makes it super easy to find and share ideas with your team. 

Another extremely valuable feature that they have is the ability to track your competitors' content performance. Just plug in their social media page, or Instagram account, and start tracking how their content is performing. It’s extremely valuable if you want to improve your content strategy.

We also found that ContenCal had the best options for integrations with different social media apps which can really be useful if you are looking to grow your following on platforms apart from Instagram. 

Buffer Publish

Buffer Publish gives you the ability to schedule single photos and videos right to your Instagram profile. It also allows you to visually plan and schedule your content on your desktop or mobile device.

It has a simple easy to use dashboard panel which makes planning all your Instagram posts super easy. 


  • Schedule stories and carousel posts with push notifications
  • Add location and user tags as your schedule your posts
  • Hashtag manager allows you to expand your reach with each post
  • Set reminders in advance to post specific content
  • Collaborate on content with your team by creating drafts and review posts for approvals
  • Queue up content on your own automated schedule for consistent publishing 
  • Powerful analytics allow you to see your best performing content


It’s hard to compete with Buffer’s pricing. 

They have a free option which lets you manage up to three social media channels and their paid version is extremely cheap. See their pricing options below. 

Competitive Advantage

Buffer Publish gives you the ability to create landing pages in just a few seconds.This is a great option if you want to get more out of your audience and send them to a merch page, to chat with you directly, or whatever you have in mind. 

This option is simply not available with other scheduling tools. 


Later is an Instagram scheduling tool that makes planning all your posts as easy as just dragging and dropping. Select your photos and videos and drop them onto your calendar with pre-set posting times.

You can also have an idea what your profile will look like from your followers point of view before you go on to publish your posts. This is a great way to visually see what your profile will look like before you post. Later is also very useful in helping you find user-generated content that is currently popular and has a high likelihood of performing well. 


  • Bulk schedule your IG posts with Quick Schedule
  • Create weekly time slots and drag and drop posts in seconds 
  • Plan videos, carousels and stories 
  • Powerful editing tools to help you customize your posts
  • Media library features rich options to help you find your ideal images for your posts
  • Hashtag suggestions to find out what topics are popular and trending

Later has multiple pricing options to help you find the plan that is most suitable to your Instagram size. 

Competitive Advantage

One great option with Later is the ability to track your sales and drive traffic from your posts to your store with Linkin.bio. You can see which posts have been responsible for bringing your sales and these are extremely valuable features if you are looking to monetize your audience.


Scheduling Instagram posts is a great way to save time and improve your posting consistency. All of the tools mentioned here can help you do that and much more. Each tool is slightly different in their features and capabilities, but they can all help you save some serious time when it comes to posting.

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