Create customer conversations which flow seamlessly across your channels, creating a better experience for your business and your customers.

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+ Easy to use ticketing system
+ All client interactions at one platform


- Automated closed & open tasks can cause confusion
- Zendesk support can be unresponsive


Organize your customer tickets and respond to them quickly using Zendesk
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Tool FAQ

What is Zendesk?

Is Zendesk a CRM?

Yes, Zendesk provides tools for the improvement of the customer relationships and provides solutions to make easier to brands the management of customer data, like connecting the information for complete context, and offering tools to improve the customer experiences. So yes, it fits in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) concept.

What is Knowledge on Zendesk?

The Knowledge Capture app is the support agent interface of Zendesk. It works by allowing agents to solve tickets in a faster way, search for help center articles, and link to them with the purpose of building agents knowledge into a bigger data base or help center, to aid in content improvements.

How much is Zendesk?

Zendesk offers a free trial of all of its plans. The pricing starts at $19 per user and month, then it goes to the Suite Team plan, which is $49 per month, the Suite Growth plan for $79 per month and finally the Suite Professional plan for $99 per month.

Who are Zendesk customers?

The Zendesk platform counts with users in a wide variety sectors. Some of the most relevant are probably marketing, electronics, education, financial services, technology and software, travel, social media, medical services, internet and mobiles, etc. Some examples of big companies that use Zendesk are Pinterest, Slack, Reddit, Twitter, Uber, Shopify, Stripe, and more.

Is Zendesk safe?

Zendesk CRM is a legitimate and well known platform, so it is safe to trust. The official Zendesk website explains how all communications made with Zendesk UI and API's are encrypted with industry standard HTTPS over public networks, making sure that all traffic between the user and Zendesk is secure.

Product description Zendesk

Connect with your customers on any channel using the Zendesk platform. You can manage all interactions via phone, chat, email, social media and any other channel you are using, al come together in one place. Increase your sale productivity with pre-qualifiying questions and pipeline visibility.

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